[solved] Virtualbox: No grub at boot in Manjaro guest vm

Dear Forum,

I recently installed Manjaro i3 in a virtual machine using virtualbox following the tutorial by @linux-aarhus:

Since I would like to have the option to boot into different kernels, grub would be handy. Unfortunately, grub does not show up at boot. I tried to add gfxterm as described here:

But this did not work. Any ideas?


The following should work on a bare metal install. It might work in VB as well:

Change the hidden to menu in the following line: GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=hidden in /etc/default/grub

You might want to change GRUB_TIMEOUT=3 to some more convenient time span (in seconds).

Run sudo update-grub afterwards.


@Marte That worked. Thanks a lot.

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