[SOLVED] Where is Super key shortcut set? + What is rofind?

On Awesome Edition, the Super key is set to open rofi, but where is that set?
In awesome's rc.lua, I only see the Super+Control+Escape shortcut for rofi, and I don't have any shortcuts in XFCE Keyboard settings.
Is this a feature of rofi itself, or is there a default app launcher setting somewhere?
My goal is to change the default mode for the super key.

On another note, the .config/rofi/config.rasi file has ":rofind" (up arrow:rofind) in its modi, but I couldn't find what that mode refers to, it doesn't seem to be from rofi itself.
And when I run "rofi -show combi" from commandline I get this printed in the center of my screen:
Failed to execute: 'rofind'
Error: 'Failed to execute child process "rofind" (No such file or directory)'

By default, Alt+F1 opens the Whisker menu in Xfce. The instructions in the following post map the Super key to Alt+F1 so that the Super key opens the Whisker menu, while allowing you to define Super key combinations to perform other functions, such as opening the file manager with Super+F.

Yes and in autostart.sh Ctrl+Super+Esc is mapped to Super with xcape:

run xcape -e 'Super_L=Super_L|Control_L|Escape'

That's a file finder/search script for rofi (part of rofi-scripts) made by @Chrysostomus:



I don't know how I managed to miss it, thank you that's exactly what I wanted to know.

And indeed, it seems rofi-scripts wasn't installed, I might've uninstalled it by mistake at some point. I can now open "rofi -show combi" without any issues.

Sorry, I should've said instead that I wanted to change the default mode opened in rofi for the Super key.


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