[SOLVED] Wireless available connections disappear after standby

Hey guys, I have a strange problem recently:
I have to say I just moved to a refurbished lenovo t430 after my (far older) laptop abandoned me. Kernel 4.4, xfce, stable.

So, basically everything works fine, except the fact I am uncapable to see all available connections after a standby.
To be clear it is capable anyway of connecting to my last (or any know) connection even if the applet doesn't show any in the list [ see here http://i.imgur.com/3YkBXOr.png?1 ], and if I know the correct name of a wifi spot I can even just use "connect to hidden wifi network", type the name and it works.

So basically it seems like is a problem specifically of the applet. Indeed if I use from the terminal "iwlist scan | grep ESSID" I can see normally all the wifi networks available

Any idea how I can solve this? It's pretty strange, first time it happened and I use manjaro since years

edit: obviously before a standby in the "Wifi Networks" sub-menu of the applet I see all of them as expected

ops, it was already discussed just below and marked as solved. Sorry everyone, my bad. Don't know how this forum works but if any mod wants he can delete this topic. Thanks

[ solved post: Network Manager Applet Error after Suspend ]

Mark your last post as solution will do

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