[SOLVED]Xbox360 wired controller blinking, device detected but buttons not working until controller is unplugged and re-plugged into usb port

Even on reboots it's fine... :no_mouth:

I'll prepare a 17.0.5 USB tomorrow and see if that has the issue on my machine. Which DE are you running? GNOME?

In my case, Gnome on this partition, but I also have a manjaro partition with 4 or 5 DE's where any of them has the same problem. But the DE doesn't make a difference imho, since the controller is normally recognized before any login shell like GDM/SDDM is started. Or do I miss the point? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wanting to make sure I try and replicate as closely as possible the software setup so I can narrow it down to hardware (or not).

e.g. if I don't have any issues with it under MATE it could be some accessibility or input method software that's included with GNOME getting in the way.

The firs time I recognized this problem, was on a KDE iso. My actual install is a net install. On my other partition it was a xfce iso where I later added other DE's. All have the same problem so far.

similar here with pux. started manjaro with kde and issue was already there. right now im testing livecd xfce(this IS indeed the main distro right?) and same issue.leave the controller plugged, restart/reboot/cold boot/warm boot manjaro and controller will just keep blinking. i found some app before that somehow reset or reconnects specific usb device and that worked without having to pull-out the controller, but that does not seems to be a fix(and compared to other or distro that worked like vanila arch-unnecessary).

thats interesting if its working with Mate release....

It's not the MATE edition, it started as the Xfce edition (version 0.8.something) but evolved over the years.

Alrighty, I replicated the issue on a 17.0.5 Xfce live USB.

It all comes down to one GRUB boot option:


Put that in your GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX and the controller will be active on boot. Without that line, the controller remains dark until reconnected.

So, e.g.:

sudo nano /etc/default/grub
# Edit, save
sudo update-grub

how to do this with systemd-boot?


@thefallenrat thanks, but i think Manjaro defaults to using grub :frowning: not sure if i can change that since there is no choices during install.

@jonathon thanks. this works. is there a chance this could be set to default? im sure there are others having similar issue with their mice and keyboards. again thanks.

I'll need to do some more digging to see whether this is due to the kernel, TLP, or just the device itself not playing well with USB autosuspend power saving. I suspect that this should be fixable by blacklisting only this device, or e.g. adjusting the autosuspend time.

I can't remember why I disabled it on my system previously; there must be another reason...

i just looked at distro that has the controller working, and using cat /sys/bus/usb/devices/(subfolder on which my controller was, probably was usb1/1-1)/power/control and they all show "on" as stock value, manjaro has set this to "auto". vanila arch also has this "on". read that this set to auto causes the issue.

Ah, right, then that's probably because of TLP. While it normally does do a good job at power savings, sometimes it does too good a job...

I wonder whether forcing it to auto is really needed, as drivers that are aware of autosuspend should autosuspend their device automatically anyway.

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Awesome news @jonathon, I very much appreciate your effort, thank you!
Looks like you are close to nail it down and make this great distro a bit better :clap:

Here is a cookie for you :cookie: :grinning:


Finally got back to this, and it's TLP over-reaching.

Edit /etc/default/tlp and set USB_AUTOSUSPEND=0. No need for GRUB changes.

I'll see where the default file comes from. If it's a Manjaro-origin file it's easy enough to change.


this works. whatever is the best balanced implementation is good for me :smiley:

thanks for attending to the issue :smiley:

any progress on this issue?

The changes to /etc/default/tlp fixed it - hence the "Solved" tag. These changes were pushed out to everyone a couple of months ago, so if you didn't get them it's because you edited /etc/default/tlp and haven't merged in /etc/default/tlp.pacnew.

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