[SOLVED] XFCE Autostart not working on Manjaro Awesome Minimal

I installed Manjaro with Awesome WM minimal on Architect, and I noticed .desktop files in ~/.config/autostart/ aren't being launched.
I can launch them manually and/or add them to ~/.config/awesome/autorun.sh without issues.

I also noticed that the "Session and Startup" settings page is missing from the settings manager:

Is this on purpose or am I missing a certain package? Should I just launch the .desktop files from awesome's autorun directly instead?

I also installed the same Manjaro on my laptop and I have the same problem.

Awesome doesn't use .desktop files for autostart by default. If you want to add this functionality, install dex and put it into your autorun file. See man dex for details.

Awesome doesn't use xfce session, so the session is not managed by xfce settings manager.


Thanks, I just installed dex and used it in autorun.sh to run every .desktop files and it works great.

At first, coming from XFCE Edition I kinda assumed it was XFCE's job as the desktop environment to deal with .config/autostart so I was wondering if I was missing something, but this solves my issue. :slight_smile:

It is, but you are not running a desktop environment with awesome edition. In the end it is just a window manager, and if you want to have a desktop around, you need to build it.

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