Solving Your Own Problems

After browsing around the forums quite a bit, I have come across a few users that have mostly solutions to their own problems (threads started by them). This is probably to gain badges like I know this one too! and Presistent.

This is not a huge problem, but a bit unfair to those who spend a lot of time helping people here (I do not claim to be one of those).

If possible with Discourse (I guess not), then I would suggest self solution shouldn't counts towards badges.

What do you think?


Please include in the list those self-marked solutions such as "I solved my GNOME problem by switching to KDE." There's no value to that type of so-called solution showing up in any search engines.

Also, TL3 users have the ability to check/uncheck "solutions" as well as change topic titles. It's been necessary to change some lately, at the risk of raising the ire of the OPs.



Hey, perhaps they really did solved on their own?
Like this? :crazy_face:


My favourite is the one's with "I solved the problem with a reboot". Not just once mind you, but 2 or three times. Once I can see, but how many times before you figure out to reboot after an update.


Yes, of course, I don't mind that at all, I just don't think it should count. Though, what @c00ter is pointing out are not solutions (or even a workarounds), and should be removed.

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Oh now you done did it again Goh. It's on. :crossed_swords:

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Three reboots now and this problem still persist! :grin:

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Oh.. it's a long time you've missed your punishment.
Gladly. But as a gentleman, I can let you more time to recover. The last time your injuries were pretty severe. :laughing:


Well rebooting only solves the problem if you open your own help thread. If you'd done that, you would've had three solves by now. :rofl:


Seriously though, anyone know if Discourse can be configured like that? Should it?

I personally would be happy if it could be configured like that, but I find it doubtful it can.

I think I have given myself one self solve, but only so that others could find the proper answer easily on a long thread.

In my opinion you shouldn't be given credit for solving your own issue, it is supposed to be in recognition of helping others (not yourself). I mean really, you should be the one solving your own issues anyways?


OK, so there are several "classes" of self-solves and not all are bad.

Class 1: the real solution

There are a number of threads where the OP posted about a problem, got no immediate reply, spent several hours finding a solution, then posted back with their findings and a good, detailed, answer.

These can be left as they are (and should be actively :heart:ed when found).

Class 2: marking confirmation instead of suggestion

This class of self-solves includes where several people have responded, and one or more includes the pointer or solution to the issue. The OP then replies back to say they solved the issue using one of the suggestions earlier in the thread, marking their own "confirmation" post as the Solution.

TL3s should feel free to comment in the thread then mark the actual solution post as the Solution. If there are any issues then call in a moderator (who can e.g. revert edits and make posts or the whole thread read-only).

Class 3: the pointless answer

"Never mind." "I fixed it." "Fixed after a reboot." etc. etc. etc.

These threads are of no use to anyone with an issue in the future and so add little or no value to the forum. These threads should be Flagged (Custom) so they can be Unlisted.

This badge is awarded manually (and so far only by me). Whoever has this badge really has done some very good work.

I don't know if it's possible to edit a built-in badge but I'll have a look at the Discourse SQL.


Actually, this is already the case. You don't get "credit" for self-solves:

       JOIN topics t1 ON p1.topic_id =
       WHERE p1.user_id <> t1.user_id AND 
                    name = 'is_accepted_answer' AND 

in a time where "participation trophies" are thrown at kids like candy, what can you expect? now those little shytes expect trophies for fixing their own messes.

Q: and how did you earn that medal, it's very nice?
A: i showed up


Thanks for the great explanation!

Did not know that, thanks!


I am not against the (legitimate) self solves at all, just wonder why they count towards badges.

This seems similar to players exploiting something in a game, which is usually patched quickly. I consider this program logic as a bug (if true), maybe better to bring it up with the Discourse developers (if someone hasn't already). In other cases the program logic handles this: self likes, self link clicks, and so on. Another example would be YouTube views/watch time, at least you have to put in some effort and hire a botnet to get those. :joy:

Looking at many of those "bad solutions" that you call Class 2 and Class 3, I too quickly assumed and thought I had confirmed that it was for the badges, I stand corrected!

Now, let me just mark this post as the solution ... JK :rofl:

Sorry, Jon but your self-solve was unchecked. Your "solution" was not necessary, since Discourse showed there was no problem to begin with.

I shall now retire to the Tacos & Pinot Noir forum section for the remainder of the day.

EDIT: But a BIG THANK YOU for the explanation. :wink:


i didnt know they didnt count until @jonathon just mentioned it, i doubt those fools know it either.


i motion that "get windows, lol" and "INSTALL GENTOO" not be added to such a list, please :stuck_out_tongue:


I for one has never asked for forum help that is what eyes are for reading not asking.

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I mark solutions when I find them, my attempts to get the questioners to do so were mostly in vain. It's also annoying to keep trying to see if the solution was marked.
There are complaints only if one removes solutions, from now on I will report these. :slight_smile:

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