Some icon themes don't show all their icons

After the update I had the problem with freetype2 and harfbuzz and as the second post instructed I just updated freetype2 the official supported package from the repo and after that it worked...

But another issue came when I logged in, that is really pissing me off :anger: , is that some icons are falling back to the default theme (I use paper-icon-theme) it's not all of them is just some here and there like the home button on the file manager or the open in new window button on the right click menu. I tried different icon themes and the exact same icons had the same problem, I also tried reinstalling paper-icon-theme and installing completely new icons and still most of the same buttons had problems. Any idea how to fix this ?

Everything else seems to work fine.

Other things that may be of significance :
I use the xfce DE and this is the first update I do since 26/01.

I am a linux noob so be gentle :slight_smile: .

Rename ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce4-perchannel-xml/display.xml to display.xml.bak, and set your themes again.

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It didn't help, I don't even think I have the same issue that is described in that thread.

Maybe I didn't explain it good enough here are some screenshots:

This the icon theme I was using for months now(with no problem) Paper notice that the home folder shortcut on thunar and the go to the home folder icon are not the one from Paper:

This is another icon theme that I had installed the home icons remain the same and if you notice the network connection icon is the generic one:

And another one just to be sure. In this one the go to home folder button and the home shortcut are properly changed but the network is still the generic one :

Also if you notice the icon for the notification plugin(The one left of the dropbox icon) is always a generic one it used to be a nice bell.
Another icon that I din't show in these pictures was the whisker menu one where it was similar with the notification until I changed it.

All that happened after I did the update and restarted.

As I said I tried installing other iconthemes and using them but all have a few missing icons here and there usually are the same ones sometimes though an icontheme will fix some of the icons but it will have different ones that brake most of those icons are either in the thunar or on the right click menu or on the xfce panel.Is it a problem with xfce is it a problem with the icon themes !? Maybe I am the problem ? :sob:
I have no idea how to troubleshoot this... Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: I would like to add that I have another account that I use it to try different wm and DEs and I have the same issue there.

OK... there is something really wrong with my system.
After I did a gtk-update-icon-cache for the icon theme I used I noticed that my desktop background was missing and in place there was a bluish one and now I can't even change me background !?
Now icons are all screwed up there are icons from a handful of different icon themes now...

I am backing up my data and I'll make a clean install. Maybe first I'll try to reinstall xfce and gtk ?

EDIT: Reinstalling didn't help. :disappointed:

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