Some strings are not translated

I just tested Manjaro GNOME live to see how well its translated to my language (danish).
Everything is fully translated on Transifex.

I see some strings in the Manjaro installer that is not translated.
Like "Cancel" "OK" buttons in language selection dialog.
And "Europe" "Copenhagen" "Denmark".
And for keyboard "Danish" "no dead keys" "Win keys".
I would like for these strings to be showed in my language.

Also i see a program called manjaro-update v1.2 i think (Manjaro Linux Updates Indicator) that is not translated.
Where can i translate it?

If i click the menu in the top left corner of GNOME i can see strings like:
"Recent" "Webmarks" "All applications" "Frequent Apps" "Favorite Apps" "Home" "Restart Shell" "Suspend" etc.
Where i can translate them?

Under settings hardware configuration i see a button called:
"Auto Install Open-Source Driver"
And other strings that is not translated.
Where can i translate that?

please open manjaro-settings-manager and make sure the locale settings and locale packages are all configured correctly and installed

(moving to #manjaro-development as this affects Manjaro-developed packages)

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