Some thoughts about the forum

Lately I see this message when a new member has placed his/her first post:

This is the first time xxxxxxxx has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

What I think is a bit strange is the way the new member is addressed, namely with the word them.
Wouldn't it be better to change that text a little and say, for example:

This is the first time xxxxxxxx has posted — let’s welcome this new member to our community!

Also, when it is possible to show this text, it is also possible to add a link to the thread where is explained how to write a decent post, with lots of information about the issue:

Two flies with one stone.


Them is a gender neutral way of referring to a person in English. I don't know how well it translates into other languages though.


When I was in school, ages ago, I learned them was used for more than 1 person, same as him and her for 1 person.

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That's formally correct, but in contemporary times a trend has developed to re-purpose the plural form as a respectful marker for gender neutrality. Adoption of this newer practice is reviled by those people who decry all forms of gender equality as being "PC" [political correctness]. Other people who manage to perambulate about with their knuckles above the ground, tend to respect & adopt this trend, in recognition that gender neutrality is important & that lots [though not all] women are fed up to our back teeth with the historical patriarchy dictating that standard forms of address in the English language "should" be masculine.


But, but, that's changing language... :laughing:

Gender neutrality, damn those SJWs. Well, why use plural pronouns for singular subjects when you could use 'hesh' to mean he/she. I tried pushing it back in 2009 after I thought of it, but nobody was interested.

Well of course that couldn't be used nowadays because it isn't inclusive of persons that don't identify with "either" gender.

Sheesh, what are you thinking.

Ah, yes, I forgot about them. How about, 'it'? No, no! A revision: hesh-it. I had to include the hyphen due to the auto censor thing.

I have to admit my imagination got the better of me when I saw your censored word. I was for some reason expecting you'd put in something more like "f***it".

Blimey! I'd not be as strong-worded as that on a public forum. Nice asterisks.

Yes, People often say my *** is my most appealing feature.




That's not a matter of SJWs, that's a matter that the English language doesn't have a proper, specific pronoun to refer to a person (and only one) regardless of their gender (because unknown or not important).

High-explosive squash head?

More seriously, perhaps in a century, there will be a word for he/she.

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We were taught that in the 1970s but it was more about when you don't know which gender you are referring to.

When Harry came to dinner ____ bought a very nice bottle of wine with ____

If Harry is a man (Harold) then the missing words are he and him
If Harry is a woman (Harriet) then the missing words are she and her
If you don't know whether it's Harold or Harriet then the missing words are they and them

Gender neutrality wasn't always an SJW issue, it was just gammatical :neutral_face:.

They/Them is a perfectly fine singular pronoun.
The usage is at least centuries old, and was never really contentious until somewhat recently when 'some people' decided that it was somehow attacking tradition. Nevermind that it exists in everything from the bible to Chaucer. :roll_eyes:
[I wont even post links .. do a quick search]


Only when Die Donau and Der Rhein are called Du Donau and Du Rhein.

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We are, do we not?

Isn't this about the 'grammar correctness' of plurality/singularity and the difficulty therefrom of defining gender of singularity?

I say and repeat.... (to follow your CAPS)

WE DON"T CARE! :rofl:

I would like to offer up "Pat" as the pronoun. (old SNL reference)



As in 'Patricia' or 'Patrick'?
Who cares?! We are not Mike Pence or Rick Santorum and they can kiss my ass.
Wait a minute, maybe they like to. I withdraw that. :joy:

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