Sometimes does not boot on Mac Mini 7,1


I have installed Manjaro KDE in a mac mini late 2014.

After installing it, I've been using it and all seems great.

I turn off PC and the next day it does not boot, after some seconds (after grub) screen turns black and says no signal... I have tried to reboot many times, I click ESC to go to menu all fine but when start booting black screen again.

What I do is to turn off PC and start pressing AltGr so MAC will access to the boot menu. I can choose the unit to boot, just choose my HD click enter and boots normal.

It is very strange and it does not happen all the time, for example this morning boot normal, I use it for a few time, tur off and 3-4h later does not boot so I have to do it as mentioned before.

Does someone else experienced any similar issue and know how to fix it?

Thank you.

How are you turning off? If you're just pressing the off button without shutdown procedure, for example, it will cause problems.

Hi knome, I do the shutdown procedure, sorry for the confusion I should not say "turn off" and thanks for your answer.

My initial thought is a hardware problem but you need to provide more information. Please read the following... :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your answer, I have read the following and here I share all logs, thanks again

edit: logs deleted

The linked post doesn't ask you to dump several screen's worth of text output. It's there as a starting point to help you find relevant log output.

Sure, the linked post it does not ask me to dump several screen's worth. It advises only the first $ inxi -Fxxxza --no-host and the other are to find errors.

Since I think the problem can be due to the graphic card I have posted # dmesg | grep graphics and the others text output are to give as much information as possible just in case it could help identify the issue, if I were able to fix my self I would not bother to ask in forum or post logs.

Do not worry jonathon, I am going to delete the last message with logs and feel free to close this topic.

Rather than delete them it would have been better to look through the logs for anything which looked relevant, but OK.

Do you think I did not try to look through it before posting?

I just came asking for help and you blame for posting logs so I have deleted them.

Since the beginning you seem not want to help and it is just fine, I have already told you to feel free to close the topic.

When I run efibootmgr I see 4 boots, manjaro is the first option but in Bootcurrent I see "ubuntu" which does not makes sense.

I've ever had ubuntu but since I installed manjaro, it is my only OS (installed with Erase disk option)

I have deleted the other boot options and seems to boot fine.

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