Sometimes my computer stuck while doing my stuffs

Hello there,
Please help me while performing two or three task at time my laptop stucks with this os whats the problem i increased my ram upto 8 gb and hard disk too but still have that problems sometimess...

Hi, can you please specify your problem in more detail and explain what you mean by increasing memory to 8 GB. Do you work with Virtualbox or have you physically expanded the memory? Which graphical user interface do you use e.g. KDE, Gnome etc.?

Open up a terminal and start htop to watch which process(es) eat up CPU time and/or RAM.

Then we need more details like @mepi0011 said about your hardware and the output of htop.

Follow the guidance here to get help...


In Terminal/Konsole

screenfetch -n
inxi -Fxz0
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