sonar gnu/linux big progress

A few days ago i made a topic regarding sonar and a request for help with my manjaro talking project.
Since then i have made a few things that i thing should be worth sharing on here.
I played a little bit with the manjaro iso profiles from github, since they includet sonar profiles as a part of the iso-profiles directory.
I went, checked, played, and managed to rebuild sonar specific packages from the packages-extra github repo, and made a manjaro repo on my github page for pacman.
I wont share every single detail on what i precisely did as i dont have that good memory and it would take alot of time to write that down, so i'l just say i made big, big progress.
If you want to checkout my iso profiles for sonar, het over to this site

I may push out a first release after i have fixed a few things here and there.
I would really appreciate help from people who would want to give it.
And now, time for questions again.
Is it possible for me to say build an old version of thus and use it that way or wil it just not work?
I ask for that because calamares is currently not plaing so nice with orca


@linux-aarhus Just in case you missed this ----^ (Jonathon liked so he's aware)

so @ linux-aarhus is Jhonatan?
If yes, then thanks for liking.
If you all want to test the first beta, here it is.
iso file
package list

I don t think Thus at this days can be used with a simple rebuild.. we have changed more think under the hood of Manjaro.. what we can see Is the state of the Qt api with Calamares but there we have to Ask at Qt developer for a patch...

Yeah, but i dont know how long wil it take for the calamares team to release a patch.
The problem is discribet in that calamares accessibility issue on github, but it has to do something with qt apps run as root not connecting to some kind of dbus and that's why it doesn't work with qt-at-spi.
For now i want some easy solution to install sonar but since thus is no more and rebuilding it would require me to hunt down dependencies whitch is probably near to inpossible, i was thinging about a cli unskwashfs installer but i dont know if such exists.
There was that whole manjaro-cli-installer before architect ceme out, but i dont know if it is stil possible to make a package out of it and i also dont know if it wil install it using the netinst way whitch i dont want or use the unskwash methot

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