Sound recording very noisy and loud

Am trying to use OBS Studio to record for YouTube and there was no sound, i changed the source input several times and with no luck. So i tried different Headsets and still no luck, so for last hope i rebooted my laptop and tried again. This time i could record but with very noisy and loud sound even when i low the mic volume it still noisy and loud.

note: i used Audacity too and the sound still noisy and loud as hell.

screenshot of my sound settings:
Screenshot from 2020-04-03 17-50-05

A sound sample of recording with Audacity:

Any Help Please?

welcome to Manjaro @haiderkhalid94

OBS and Audacity are both using using ALSA plugin for microphone audio capture

please use this command to get ALSA data

sudo --upload

and post the URL to the uploaded data here

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