SSD upgrade on a dual-booting system

I want to upgrade my notebook from a 256GB SSD M2 to a 1TB SSD one. But I'm really concerned about how to deal with moving the contents from an SSD to another.

The problem is it's dual-boot, Windows alongside Manjaro. Windows is installed first, makes its mess of recovery partitions on the disk, then Manjaro is installed and the SSD ends up with at least five partitions inside, multi-flavored (NTFS, exFAT, ext4, etc).

My plan is the following:

  1. From a USB stick, use GNOME Disk Utility to make an image of the entire 256GB disk to an external HDD (I've already tried it from the live system itself and the utility couldn't unmount the partition).

  2. Remove the old drive.

  3. Insert the new one.

  4. Boot from a USB stick and use GNOME Disk Utility to restore the 256GB image to the 1TB disk.

  5. Use GNOME disk utility to move the sda5 (Manjaro) partition so to create more room for the sda4 (Windows) partition.

  6. Resize sda4 and sda5 to make use of the increased space.

Is this a sound plan? An I missing anything?

I ran into this same issue months ago. I don't know what GNOME disk utility is and I have done it using clonezilla.
Try looking at clonezilla, it has tons of features such as drive to drive transfer rather than making an image and copying it on new hard drive.

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be careful with clonezilla :
create a image partition from 500Go to another 1To result in partition 500Go only

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These steps are risky but as you still have the original SDD afterwards in worst case only the new SDD won't work, so why not trying. But backup your data first.

Personally, I won't do that and rather take the time for a fresh install and I would recommend to have a separate /home partition. If you note all steps you are doing/tinkering then it will be easy to reinstall and reconfigure the system, next time.

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