SSHing into Raspberry Pi Zero (running DietPi) over USB

I am trying to SSH into my Raspberry Pi Zero using USB, I have my Pi Zero running DietPi and I have done all the necessary steps to enable ssh and the adapter is showing up as "Netchip Linux-USB Gadget" but is disconnected (Don't know if it's suppose to be connected or not) and when I try to ssh into the rpi by doing "ssh root@dietpi.local" I get the error, "ssh: Could not resolve hostname dietpi.local: Name or service not known" So I was wondering what you need to do on Manjaro to get ssh through usb to work.

Have you tried using the actual IP address instead of the house name? If you aren’t sure what the actual IP address is, you should be able to get it from the DHCP lease table in your router control panel or from the pie itself if you have access to the command line without SSH.

Also, have you tried port scanning the pie to see if it detects an SSH server on the default port (22)?

So after researching a bit more, I gave the interface an ip using sudo ifconfig enp3s0f0u3i1 but now when I try to login (now using raspbian) using the command ssh pi@ and inputting the default password (raspberry) it doesn't work, it just says permission denied

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Is "pi" the correct username for the password you are using?

Yes pi is the default username for a fresh Raspbian Lite Installation and the default password for Raspbian Lite is raspberry

Wait. Just to clarify, you're not running Manjaro?

Also, check the manual and see if you need a public/private keypair set up in addition to your password. That would be an odd configuration, IMHO, but you also had to assign your network interface an IP by hand, so I'm not sure what's going on. I'm not familiar with dietpi at all.

Please - we can't troubleshoot all the different flavors of Pi OS.

If you are not running Manjaro on your Pi which is Archlinuxarm based then you should really ask the appropriate forum in this case dietpi what ever that is.

Oh, I only made the thread to begin with because it seemed like a only Arch/Manjaro issue but now that I got the ip to get assigned to the ethernet over usb device (Raspberry Pi Zero) (Main reason why I made the thread if you refer to the first post) the problem is resolved so I will mark my solution and you can close the thread and I will head to the Raspberry Pi forums to further troubleshoot.

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