[Stable Staging Update] 2020-07-17 - Kernels, KDE, LibreOffice, Mesa, Cinnamon, Deepin, Pamac, Browsers

This is going to be a huge update when it reaches Stable branch!


For your information, Kdenlive is working back on archlinux with ffmpeg 2:4.3.1-1 and mlt 6.20.0-4, both on stable repositories.

So, Archlinux fixed all these issues. Yes :smiley:

Testing update and report asap.

On a freshly installed Manjaro Mate + translations: 268 packages and 862 Mb. :rofl:

My installation survived! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees :smiley:

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Seems to be still smaller than a major update on Windows 10 (and just the OS itself).


The 20.1 RC seems to be rather stable at this point. For all intents and purposes, this should be considered the long-overdue stable release.

huge update with 1,5GB, but no problems on three KDE - machines :grinning:

Thanks to the manjaro-team.

Well I reported it. So they fixed it.


Looks like so :slight_smile:

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everything went smooth and i cannot see an issue at the first impressions. thanks for your work manjaro-team.

how ? with nvidia prime official package and all of this or some tweaks?
Good to know that nvidia has added support for amd integrated gpu's

Updated an XPS 13 9380 to stable-staging. Running Gnome and 5.8-RC5, everything went smoothly. Logged into Sway, and everything there is great as well.

Thank you Manjaro team, nice work!

Using KDE. Updated to this and, on reboot, plasma was absolutely broken for me. sudo journalctl -xb -p 4 showed a bunch of theme errors. Tried changing to the breeze-dark theme, but no luck. Had to do a timeshift restore just to get basic functionality back.

It's been here since the day they released prime render offloading. I just recently added it to mhwd.


I've just registered to say that everything is fine for me with that update. Thank you for maintaining Manjaro :slight_smile:


but... wasn't it out of the box?

Was what out of the box specifically?

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having the laptop working perfectly without doing nothing. Install and use it I mean.
Or do you have to do things on the laptop for using it?

Did the laptop gave that answer or you had to type it aka you did something ?

Like apple ?

Quite sure when doing things on it, means using it ... :slight_smile:

Firts time i use stable-staging. Eveything went fine on a Manjaro Xfce install.

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