[Stable Update] 2018-02-03 - Kernels, LibreOffice, Browsers, Thunderbird, PHP, Haskell

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Hi, I realized right now that M$ win 10 entry in grub is lost

sudo update-grub

everything is fine

The biggest change I've noticed since this upgrade is the speed at which my computer shuts down. It's absolutely amazing - only a few seconds from hitting the shutdown icon to complete poweroff

Why is the wait for the next update this long?

I think I have seen @philm mentioning that he is currently very busy in his job.


If you're impatient switch to the testing branch. It's right there, waiting for you. Like a puppy. Big eyes, tilted head, one raised ear, slightly wagging tail.

Of course, it might also poop over everything, but that's puppies for you.


I'm considering doing that tbh, how common is it for regular users of Manjaro to draw from testing? Pros/cons? This is my first rolling distro so I really don't know what to expect, I thought that I wouldn't have to do that switch unlike on non-RR ones...


You get the same packages but at a higher update frequency. The downside is that you might find issues that need to be fixed. The upside is that you might find issues that need to be fixed.


Okay well I guess I'll switch then. For feedback and stuff, do you guys prefer replies in the update announcement threads or..?

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If it's about a specific update and it's a single post, that's fine. Otherwise, #manjaro-development:testing-branch or #manjaro-development:unstable-branch are good places. Anything longer than two posts (post+reply) should go in its own thread (you probably notice me splitting things out of announcement threads to keep specific/involved issue discussion separate).


Thanks. It's late here so I'll just mention that the upgrade failed because of some integrity/key problems with the Firefox package, and I couldn't fix it by following: Invalid or corrupted package (PGP signature)

However I just removed FF as I don't use it, then it succeeded

Why the next update taking so long time? It's been 10 days since we got a stable update

Look eight posts up.

Also, 10 days is not a long time for a stable update pack. Fortnightly is about normal.

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Well, I have checked the the update story for stable branch in Manjaro websites. But this time, I think it's taking longer time than usual

Look eight posts up (again.. wow, that's cool :grin:).


A friend of mine always says "Measure twice, cut once". I don't mind waiting a bit longer to minimize the number of bugs that make it to Stable.

Cheers to all who volunteer their time by finding and squashing defects in the Testing and Unstable branches! :beers:


It seems you essentially had the same issue I reported back in Unstable 2018-02-11 and Testing 2018-02-13 updates.

Essentially, I had to remove Firefox in order to update the whole system.

Then, to have Firefox again, I had to install it manually with the package file in /var/cache/pacman/pkg; trying to install it directly from repo with Pamac or pacman results to the same problem as I had when I tried to update the system.


I don't mind it in this case, as I said I don't use Firefox, but hopefully this isn't a wider phenomena in the testing branch...

Btw Firefox-dev works alright

It should be fixed now. A new package made by Müller has been pushed in Testing. Since the package is made by him, there should be no "invalid or corrupt package" error anymore; verification of FF package should be done successfully.

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