[Stable Update] 2018-04-02 - Kernels, ZFS, Pamac, Udisks2

udisks2 fix the 'Malformed URL' when inserting usb pen drives

Linux416 is still some git commit version. I thought it was the stable one, released yesterday?

But I guess my mirror hasn't finished syncing yet.

Please use a mirror which already had synced ...

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I have same issue than Pepito in this post : [Testing Update] 2018-03-31 - Kernels, UDisks2, spl/zfs, Pamac

Indicator update and commande line for update is ok. But PAMAC don't show any update.

I hope pamac in this update (6.2.7) will fixed this issue for the next update.

Thanks for update! All OK! Kernel 4.14, radeon, KDE.

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Nice update!
This resolved my (little) issue with USB.

Thank you Team!

earlier today, i received a update message, just for a few packages inxi, kernel, udisks2, pamac and applied before checking the forum.

now reading about todays stable update...

so i went ahead: sudo pacman -Syyu

nothing to do

first entry in my mirrorist:

# Country : Germany
Server = https://mirror.netzspielplatz.de/manjaro/packages/stable/$repo/$arch

but in mirror check service it seems to be up to date? :slight_smile:

Check the list of packages in the OP. It's kernels, udisks2, and Pamac... :roll_eyes:


sure, but i do not know about every package installed on my sys - looking at the 'long' list of packages and the very few updates received made me wonder.

quickest stable update ever, great stuff :wink:

thank you


Update was smooth

Switched to kernel 4.16 (used 4.14 LTS previously)...gonna see if its worth the try.

Hi there. Thanks for the update. I had issues switching to kernel 4.16.

I'm on a dell xps-15-9560, with nvidia proprietary drivers. I was using kernel 4.15 and had added acpi_rev_override=1 as a boot parameter.

After upgrading to kernel 4.16, I was unable to boot, the computer froze before the login screen. I tried removing the acpi_rev_override=1 thinking that maybe it was no longer needed with the new kernel but it didn't work. Since I had to get back to work quickly and didn't have time to look further into the issue, I logged in to a terminal and switched back to kernel 4.15.

Everything is working fine now. But I thought I would mention it in case this information is useful to anyone.

Been using Manjaro- xfce-stable-kernel 4.14... for few months now without any major issue, untill I did the 3-27-2018 update. It was supposed to update kernel from 4.14.29 to 4.14.30.
The update went well without error ( that I could tell ). On 3-30-18 I was using my computer as usual, when i noticed on boot up the kernel being loaded was 4.14.29 not 30 , as per the update , tried using pacmac to check for updates it showed my system was up to date !
I do not know what happened but i went to pacmac history and there was no indication what so ever that there was an update performed on 3-27-18, the last repoted history was of the 3-23 update . Manjaro settings manager kernel app was showing the system running 4.14.29 and no new kernels avilable for 4.14 Lts . I ended up refreshing my mirrors as well as the database through pacmac but still it told me, my system was up to date ?? i did the refresh again but this time using the command line and this time it found the updates for 3-27-18 , and my kernel was actually updated this time to 4.14.30 as well as all the other updates. I thought may be it was just a glitch and did not worry about it.
Today I noticed on the forum that there is a new stable update 4-2-2018, which i did not recieve any notification about from pacmac . I went through the same steps and ended up updating through the terminal, now i am on the latest version fo pacmac ( . My question now is : is there something different i should be doing to get pacmac notification or should i expect this to contiue for a while and should check for updates manually ? I am assuming my system is Ok as i recieved no errors and been working perfectly for several months since I installed Manjaro. I like Manjaro and planning to stick with it , and i like the idea of rolling release, OR to avoid future issues should i download the latest ISO and do a fresh install ?

have you tried what it says at the top of the forum before you log in?

after these do sudo pacman -Syyu

If you’re getting an error similar to “Can’t update: signature from *** is marginal trust” or “invalid or corrupted package” you probably just need to update your package signing keys:

sudo pacman -Sy archlinux-keyring manjaro-keyring
sudo pacman-key --populate archlinux manjaro
sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys

If one fails, try the next then retry, and once all succeed retry the update.

If these still don’t work, check these threads: Issues with “signature is marginal trust” or “invalid or corrupted package”

kernel 4.16.0 seems to be running fine on both my systems. all Fn keys for the Fujitsu Lifebook A512 notebook are working, temperatures and CPU scaling is normal.

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Update no problems Asus Z 270 Intel I7 7700 NVidia GT 730 desktop and Late 2011 MacBook Pro 8.1 I5 2435 Intel graphics both on the 4.14.31-1 kernel and XFCE.
Thanks to the devs and maintainers for another trouble free update.

How do I do that?

Have you tried suspending to ram then resuming? There's a post in the Testing thread about that being broken with .16. I've not yet updated my Stables, so do not yet have first-hand knowledge of yes or no.

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