[Stable Update] 2018-04-14 - Kernels, Gnome v3.28.1, Libreoffice, Browsers, Mesa, Deepin, Mate

This video is too old and includes a deprecated parameter/flag.

Until the wiki has not been updated yet...

I agree, and Lenny's voice is like a very potent tranquilizer.

If you use node I can highly recommend using nvm to handle your node versions. Using nvm has the added benefit of running in your home folder which mean you can install global npm packages without super user - and you are totally freed of the pain of an ordinary /usr/bin install.

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Hi @Ste74,
gnome-shell-extension-unite and kvantum-manjaro packages are out of date. This packages are not maintained by Manjaro?

This? https://osdn.net/projects/manjaro/storage/xfce/18.0-alpha-2/
or this? https://osdn.net/projects/manjaro/storage/kde/18.0-alpha-1/

There isn't a Gnome 18.0-alpha, yet, I'm afraid ... :wink:

kvantum-manjaro 10.6 is currently on unstable branch and will be updated with next stable update.
unite-extension is indeed outdated.

edit: unite-extension now updated in unstable, too.

xfce4-terminal aborts with symbol lookup error: undefined symbol: vte_terminal_set_bold_is_bright

libreoffice broken: oosplash hangs forever

Do you have vte3-notification installed by any chance? If so you need to replace it with regular vte3.

No, I have vte3-ng

from the AUR?
Try the regular vte3 from the repos!

Not from the AUR, but I replaced it anyway as suggested, and now all it runs like a bunny. Thanks.

Interesting, because there is no vte3-ng in the repos... :wink: Anyway. Glad you're sorted.
With libreoffice do you have any output when launched from the terminal? I don't have any issues with it.

Funny, now that it's uninstalled, I can't find vte3-ng anywhere.
No, I get no output when I run libreoffice from the terminal.

haha. looks like it did exist sometime ago ...

As i'm running Manjaro on an Carizzo APU directly switched to linux417-rc0, seems to be really stable for a rc0. :+1:
On kernel 416 i had a colour flickering which looked like the colour profile for my screen seems to reloaded all the time - this is now gone. :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks...and, I dotn use the GNOME spin...I simply install GMONE on the set I have, that way I can test the install as well. But, since I know XFCE best, I'd best try out what I know and give feedback on that :slight_smile:
Zillions thanks for the links :slight_smile:

Only zillions? Cheapskate! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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All-right...all-right already...zillions...and a ... :smile_cat:


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