[Stable Update] 2018-05-17 - GCC8, Gimp, KDE, Gnome, Deepin, Firefox


Has anyone been affected by a bug on Nvidia MX150 cards in which composition randomly stops working? This is happening since this update, and the only way to fix is to remove the driver and bumblebee.

Has something changed in the driver installation?

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All looks good so far. The only issue I had was with a plugin for the latest Gimp. Once I made it a .bak file all was OK and I could download and complete the update. It's the wavelet-denoise in usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plugins. I haven't tried it yet (new one), but if it's been tested then I'm pretty sure it's fine. I'm very excited to try Gimp with all the new features. Not now though, I'm busy! :grinning:

btw, thanks as always Manjaro team.

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Update went well as usual. Thanks again for another great update. Nice work Manjaro team.

I had exactly the same issue with 4.16 and 4.17 kernel.
It's fixed in latest 4.17 version of testing branch (4.17.r180520.771c577-1) and works also with 4.14

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What driver are you using?

Thanks for the advice, i'll have to wait then untill the kernel is fixed or when 4.17 is out of RC.

Thank you.

I am using the regular nvidia with mhwd -i video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-bumblebee. Installation goes without errors. When I log into budgie, there is no composition, all shadows are gone as well as the mouse pointer.

It worked with workaround before last update.

The workaround I used was to create a /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf file with instructions to DRI 2.

Hello, i have mx150 and after installation restarting i get black screen!! I get this even on testing builds. The installation is done using the free drivers.

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OK, I can get pamac to search for AUR packages, but only if I run it with sudo from the CLI.
If I add sudo to the exec= line in the .desktop file, pamac doesn't start.
Ideas? Thanks.

same here, office 2010 is not working with latest wine ...:frowning:

What is ALA?

Arch Linux Archive.

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Running KDE here and I've noticed that after this update I seem to have lost my notification sounds. Everything looks fine in the system settings, but no sounds play. Anyone else having this problem?

EDIT: All other audio seems to work as it should...just the notification sounds are dead.

That should be called a new feature I'd think. :smile:

For the most part it isn't a problem, but I have two whole notifications set to play a sound (everything else is silent) and I was just wondering.

According to the bug report this is a Arch Linux packaging issue, there is a suggestion to compile from source to fix the problem.

As a temporary fix for flowblade I was able to create a patched version of mlt now. So after you update mlt to 6.8.0-2.1 you should finally be able to run flowblade again.

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