[Stable Update] 2018-09-09 - Kernels, KDE Plasma & Apps, Browsers, Mesa, Deepin, AMDVLK

Desktop Cinnamon kernel 4.14 updated fine.

Update went fine. Thank you.

But i noticed that the keyword search doesnt work anymore after reopen firefox. Only g for google works. A for searching on amazon doesnt work after firefox restart (Firefox settings > Search).

Is this a problem of firefox? If so i would open a bug report.

Great Update, but now problems as usual.

Thanks to the Manjaro-Team

No problem with Gnome! Thanks!

Man, that was fast!!!

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KDE/kernel 4.18.6 ... everything is fine
i also got yarn as an orphan package i uninstalled it and everything still fine

KDE and kernel 4.14 went smoothly.
As usual :wink:

Everything just right, as always. Thanks.

Thanks to the ghostscript update, jobs once more remove themselves from the print queue once printing has completed. I have now removed the "IgnorePkg = ghostscript" that I'd needed in pacman.conf. Happy!!

Budgie with Kernel 4.18, no issue to report. Thanks to the team!

flawless update on KDE, thanks for your awesome work, team! :smiley:

smooth update till now, except for these fxxxing vlc and catfish bugs that are still present after months & months

still works fine for me, so probably no general problem :slight_smile:

Updates without problems!
LXQT with Kernel 4.14
XFCE with Kernel 4.18

some fonts are broken after the update
name of the file in the example below is "test тест" (the second word is in russian)

back to normal after the system restart

I just did a test on my end. Which DE do you use? Works on XFCE:


I use xfce. Fonts broke while I was running the update
It's back to normal after restart

Sometimes a re-login also helps to load the desktop.

I was going to do it anyway, I usually restart after system components update. I don't know if it is still necessary, I heard something about kernel updates/restarts on the fly, not sure if it's working already and if it's the same for the rest of the system.
Thanks anyway

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