[Stable Update] 2018-10-08 - Kernels, Gnome 3.30, Cinnamon, Deepin, Pamac, SPL/ZFS

This stable update to my understanding is like a pre upgrade for 18.0. The manjaro hello was improperly named 18.0 rc. They have started to migrate your system and get it ready for 18

Release names don't really mean much on a rolling release distro (unless you're thinking of re-installing from a fresh ISO). There is nothing to "get it ready" for. It's just another set of package updates as usual.

Updates without problems, LXQT and XFCE with Kernel 4.19. Thanks!

ffmpeg 2.8 was split and dropped to the AUR. Is that what you're referring to? But this all happened upstream I think.

And again, holding back individual packages for application specific bugs causes more problems than it solves. Who will tell the Manjaro team your particular bug is fixed and that they can start pushing updates again? Because it might not get fixed in the next version. Even if they do listen this one time, now multiply it 1000x by other people having problems with different packages on every update. And what if you move to another distro next week? Who will keep track of Carla then?

It's good that you brought this up so people searching for Carla problems can find it, but there's nothing the Manjaro team should do here unless one of the package maintainers wants to adopt Carla and keep an eye on it personally.

Also if you want maintain a separate Carla package in the AUR, you can do that. That's one of advantages of using linux.

Using XFCE kernel 4.14-74.1 ...

I now have no sound unless I use headphones.
Every other time I reboot, I have no XFCE panel and my entire desktop icons are not where I left them.
Upon checking kernels after a reboot, I found it had set itself to a different kernel and I set it back to the one stated above ... doesn't matter which kernel ...s ame issues either way.

Install "dbus-x11" fixes nemo root

Updated two machines (xfce and 4.18.12) and got the "Transaction cannot be prepared" message but both are running fine.

Infact our version in our repo was patched right in time :wink:

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while the update my system freezes. Even after a while of waiting no reaction, I have to switch off my system via power button. No when I reboot, the system halts after grub at splash screen, the lights for caps lock and scroll lock are flashing.

How can repair I my system?

In the meanwhile I try - pressed e at the GRUB prompt to edit the config. I changed the line starting with linux and ending with splash and I replace 'quiet' and 'splash' with 3. With F10 I boot the system and get the Information "Kernel Panic"

Nope, they holt back some ffmpeg v3 to v3 update if I remember correctly (or even ffmpeg 4).

I tested it and I have 0 problems with the old version of the package since some days. So it does not make more problems, but it solves a problem.

I would write in the forum again when there is a fixed release to remeber the Manjaro team so that they can update it again.

But ok, maybe you are right. It would mean that Manjaro team would have more work and more 'to keep an eye on'.
Anyway, I just tryed to help and wanted to ask, because they already holt back other packages in the past.

I could make an AUR package, but:
The main point of this was to avoid corruption user projects. Other user who don't know of this bug could end up with partly corrupted projects.
No user would randomly look in AUR for a fixed Carla package before it's to late.


Just the plugins that run in bridge mode that are currently broken. Do you use those?

Smooth update on KDE with 4.14 on my I7 with Nvidia GTX 1060 . Knew this update was gonna be on the large size but no issues on my system , no error messages , smooth as silk update via terminal .

Manjaro KDE.

Update Size: 3GB.
Updated Packages: 313.

Absolutely smooth sailing so far, great work :slight_smile:

Happy to see LLVM 7.

Yes. (and some other users too)

Thanx, it works :smiley:

Manjaro gnome with no gnome but cinnamon :slight_smile:

Themes are borked for unknown reason. Most apps are fine, but some gtk apps show this weird ugly dark theme. Cinnamon theme selector also shows wrong preview on controls, but it's fine when I open it.


And baloons on some of tray icons are opening too low:


@philm: Under "How to enable smooth-bootup" at the top of this post, the first step reads "switch to testing branch and update your system".

Is this required, or can this be completed totally within the Stable branch? Just wanted to confirm this isn't a typo before I attempted the upgrade this evening. Thank you!

Well, I copy-pasted it. Should be fixed now :wink:

Please use a maintained theme. Adapta is not developed anymore. Take a look at Arc or Matcha.


Should have seen this...

But I didn't, so I downloaded the update 2 times en tried to install with pamac (gui). Not a good idea. It broke my system twice, lol.

But what is the main reason to upgrade within the terminal? What is the difference or why does everything works if you upgrade in terminal and goes wrong if you don't? I've never experienced any troubles doing upgrades in pamac (gui) :thinking: Maybe this is basic linux-stuff, but I didn't know.

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In my opinion updates should be able to install stable via the packet manager. When I get a notification showing new updates I want to click on it for installing the updates. I don't want to explore forums and Twitter to see how to install the announcet update. That's why I am using a stable system. And I also think this update was not really a good idea for a stable system.

My girlfriend is also using this system. Everytime when something is broken she hates Linux and is annoyed.


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