[Stable Update] 2018-12-14 - Kernels, Nvidia, Deepin, Cinnamon, Pamac, Browsers, Thunderbird, Wine

Seems identical to what I had on Testing. This bug only appeared on my desktop computer that has two screens; it was fine on my laptop and VMs.

This should be fixed with Cinnamon 4.0.6 (or later), but as a temporary workaround, you can try to downgrade Muffin to 4.0.3 if you still have the old package in your cache. This is what I did personally.

From what I understand, this is an issue that is caused by a change in Muffin and it has been fixed with some changes in the code of the Windows list applet.

@Frog I think you hit the nail on the head. The one that doesn't have the issue is the laptop. The other is a desktop with 2 screens.

Having a good experience with this update, while my friend is having their work get delayed by windows updates. I could probably install, and update linux in the amount of time it is taking them to update windows.

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It seems like the update button will soon be a Linux exclusive, with every other OS auto updating, and in windows case, rebooting in the middle of someone’s work. Linux updates in the BG, and you choose when to restart, and where, and what to update :).


What to upgrade is not for arch systems as partial upgrades aren't supported

Update on 11 Systems without Problems.
1 System is booting in Emergency Mode only.

Which Information is needed to know what the Problem is?


The only thing I use from Arch is google-chrome and I get notified through pamac aur, a partial update.

Aur is not official
And don't ever install aur packages without fully updating or it might break your system

Yeah, yeah, use at your own risk. Well, I have used it for years without a single hiccup.

May be you are more lucky cause I broke my system with aur

What did you try to install?

Anbox mycroft don't remember that much
Yes dpkg apt was also installed

You have an Android system and need text to speech?

Yeah trying out what those do
I found mycroft working when install using there website instruction aur did not work
Anbox never worked

Just a suggestion, use virtual box next time. It would not compromise your entire system.

Can't use core2duo 4gb ram

Physical limitations are a problem. Don't over reach your hardware.

flawless update on KDE, thanks!

And i appreciate the weekly video, don't have time to keep up with everything otherwise.

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Don't mind the title but this post How to provide good information in your posts should provide the needed advice. Basically chroot in from a live usb/cd then look for error/fail messages with journalctl dmesg and maybe have a look at cat /var/log/Xorg.*.

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