[Stable Update] 2019-03-29 - Kernels, Gnome, LibreOffice, Mesa, Budgie, Browsers, Qt

Has libreoffice-fresh been fixed? I am referring to this:

Various issues when using LibreOffice 6.2.0 on KDE Plasma 5 (can’t copy+paste, can’t use backspace in Calc, etc.)

Unfortunately, it seems that the new upstream VCL plugin for integration in KDE5 Plasma (see this notice from LibreOffice ) isn’t perfectly functional yet. Upstream is aware of the situation and fixes will come in future versions of LibreOffice.

Examples of related bug reports from the Document Foundation

Workaround for LibreOffice 6.2.0: you may force Libre Office to use a different VCL by editing /etc/profile.d/libreoffice-fresh.sh, uncommenting the VCL you want to use, and rebooting.
More info about VCL: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/LibreOffice#Theme

You may also consider to switch from LibreOffice Fresh to LibreOffice Still, the latter being at version 6.1.5.

It's working well for me atm [but the last few/several version updates definitely were a little "bumpy" in places, for some users].

Perfect update for me from the tty on KDE.

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Based on multiple requests I downgraded Mesa to 18.3.5.


I especially like two Yaourt features:

  1. Before update it show very nice overview of all packages. It is alphabetical, colored and they are listed per line, thus easy to find packages I'm interested in.
  2. I'm using yaourt -C to easily deal with pacnew files.

Could you recommend me alternative that does those things the same way or better?


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sudo -H DIFFPROG=kompare pacdiff

sudo DIFFPROG=meld pacdiff

DIFFPROG=sudoedit SUDO_EDITOR=meld pacdiff


Should users who have mesa 19 downgrade too?

Plasma has some issues since this update. It crashes in some cases. For example:
Right click the volume/speaker icon and click on the first and only menu item ("Lautstärke einrichten" in german). -> plasma restart
Or: right click on your desktop (on the background image, not on a program or folder) and choose the latest item in the menu there ("Arbeitsfläche einrichten" in german). In the window that shows up, in the left side menu, click the one on the bottom ("Optimierungen" in german) -> plasma crashes.
... haven't tested much more until now, but there could be more cases where it crashes...

I remeber someone reported it on a testing update already, but it made it to stable.
Don't know if it is worth a downgrade, just wanted to remeber you that these problems exist with current plasma.

Update KDE without problem. What is the reason for not use Yaourt anymore?

yaourt is not maintained currently, so it has some problems and won't get updates anymore.
There is no reason to use it, because there are good alternatives:

  • trizen
  • yay
  • pamac

Please switch to one of them for better security, less bugs, and possibly new features in the future.


Not that it will help u much, but I just tested the same 3 things after updating and there is no plasma crash/restart here.
Did u restart after the update?

Thanks, i will try those packages.

it will take lot of time to fix topicon reduc because it was a new structure of gnome 3.32 which cause bug :

It's a upstream bug : https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-shell/issues/1054#note_462698

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Updated via tty , absolutely no problems at all on KDE with 4.19 and Nvidia . Manjaro KDE remains fast and rock solid on my system . Gotta love it .

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Yes, I did restart and I have this crashes on 3 machines since this stable update.

I did some more testing and found the root of the problem: kvantum.
When using a default kde theme (breeze or breath) there are no crashes.
But when using a kvantum theme the crashes happen.

Not sure if the bug is in kvantum or kde handling it...

Basically, the update worx fine (Gnome 3.32, Kernel 5.0), but the only thing is:

That happen to me espec. my T420s. One way to resolve it was very simple:

I moved the welcome page using the mouse and than appears the next welcome page with the possibility to enter the password.

So, everything is fine. Thanx

hm strange, i don't have this problems. all of these menu's are working as expected in kde / seltsam, nutze auch KDE und habe keines dieser Probleme. Arbeitsfläche als auch Soundeinstellungen funktionieren ohne Probleme.

i will stay on mesa 19 ... no need to downgrade for me. everything works as expected. every game (native and with proton) works as it did before. (nvidia driver / gtx 970) looks like mesa 19 does have issues with AMD users, but not with nvidia

EDIT: ok, just got the updates "normally" without need to downgrade with pacman -syyuu :wink: but like i said, i didn't had any problems with nvidia and intel. seems like only amd cards were affected.

Are you using kvantum?
As I already pointed out, this only seems to happen when using a kvantum theme (I tryed it with Arc and Materia).

no, standard theme Breath & Breeze with custom windows boarders. nothing else. my KDE installations are basically "standard manjaro". all i've changed is the theme to breath dark and the breeze icon theme + an aero window theme for the boarders. thats all.

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