[Stable Update] 2019-04-28 - Gcc, Systemd, Kernels, Virtualbox, Qt5, Deepin

Perfect update, System after reboot works fine.:+1:
LXQT and XFCE with Kernel 5.0.

deepin-file-manager-nomodule no worky after update.

2019-04-28, 13:28:52.355 [Fatal] [ 0] Cannot mix incompatible Qt library 
(version 0x50c02) with this library (version 0x50c03)
Aborted (core dumped)

@oberon Urgent rebuild needed?


Used Terminal ,updated 2 multi monitor production desktops- I7 Asus motherboards, both with NVidia graphix. Completely troublefree. Cudos to the software team for this!

Updating rn :black_heart:

I updated the kernel, went from 4.4 to 5.0...now it works...holding on to something :slight_smile:



I run Manjaro KDE (stable). After this update, the KDE battery applet (located in the panel) no longer shows the remaining battery time (upon mouse hover); it only displays the remaining percentage.

Don't know which GPU you use (I see Nvidia in your description, but not the model), but maybe this part matter?

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Thanks Frog. Scary moments (I need my system, as in life-line need) so, I always (ALWAYS ALWAYS!!! ) take a backup before doing anything (updates, installs, the wax) so, now, I took the flunge and installed the new kernel. Let's see if it holds...
I'm not usuall a drama queen, but this time a glitch came at the worst possible moment :thinking: - actually, they always do :wink:

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Started the update with gui pamac-manager it is currently is still running at "[2019-04-28 15:06] [ALPM] running 'systemd-update.hook'...:". Don't know if its safe to kill it or what will happen after a reboot.

What kernel do you use? You use nVidia? Check out Frog's post a bit higher up :slight_smile:
Crossing my fingers for you.
I never update in the GE, I use a console (Ctrl-Alt-F2 or such) and update there...if the GE does do a "blip", it'll not upset pacman's routine :slight_smile:


again great update, nothing broken :slight_smile:


I still haven't recieved any update :confused:
I'm on Manjaro Gnome, hope it will be available in the morning.

error: cuda: signature from "Konstantin Gizdov arch@kge.pw" is invalid
:: File /var/cache/pacman/pkg/cuda-10.1.105-12-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz is corrupted (invalid or corrupted package (PGP signature)).

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If you do kill it, it wouldn't hurt to redo the process of making the images before rebooting.

sudo mkinitcpio -P

will trigger the process over again. If it succeeds you are good to go.

After killing the GE i reran the update from a term and it all looks good. Wish me luck on the reboot :grin:


VirtualBox in presenting a problem when checking for updates. First a message appears:

You have an old version (6.0.4) of the Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack installed.
Do you wish to download latest one from the Internet?

When I click Download the download manager shows:

Looking for VirtualBox Extension Pack...
The network operation failed with the following error:
During network request: Wrong SSL certificate format.

And the only allowed action is "Cancel All".

VirtualBox forum advise to delete the certificate file (vbox-ssl-cacertificate.crt) that it is inside .VirtualBox (mine was in '~/.config/VirtualBox/'). However, when checking for updates the same certificate is downloaded again and the problem returns.

Anybody with the same problem?

Yes, I have the same problem. There is indeed a problem with the SSL certificate when attempting to download the Extension Pack within the VirtualBox GUI.

Also, going directly to the VirtualBox download page, the browser reports that the SSL certificate is invalid. I tried both Firefox and Vivaldi in Manjaro, and also Firefox in Windows.

I imagine that Oracle will fix the certificate on Monday.

Update: On Monday, the SSL certificate was fixed.

@Rick, @kwg As a workaround, you can download it from here https://download.oracle.com/virtualbox/6.0.6/Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-6.0.6.vbox-extpack


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