[Stable Update] 2019-12-29 - Kernels, KDE Apps 19.12, Xorg-Stack, Mesa, Qt5

Remove database lock:

When the package manager is about to alter the package database, for example installing a package, it creates a lock file at /var/lib/pacman/db.lck . This prevents another instance of a package manager from trying to alter the package database at the same time.

If the update got interrupted while changing the database, this stale lock file can remain. If you are certain that no instances of a package manager are running then delete the lock file:

sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck && sudo pacman-mirrors -c all && sudo pacman -Syyu

Glad that fixed your issue.

Use the terminal or a tty to update and you will rarely suffer from an update breakage. GUI's are pretty, but not as reliable.


Good here! Running Kernel 5.4.2

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:: Synchronising package databases...
 core                  151.4 KiB  1037 KiB/s 00:00 [##############] 100%
 extra                1780.8 KiB  1957 KiB/s 00:01 [##############] 100%
 community               5.2 MiB  2.15 MiB/s 00:02 [##############] 100%
 multilib              176.2 KiB  2.07 MiB/s 00:00 [##############] 100%
:: Starting full system upgrade...
:: Replace libdmx with extra/xorgproto-transfer? [Y/n] y
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
:: python-pyqt5 and pyqt5-common are in conflict. Remove pyqt5-common? [y/N] y
warning: dependency cycle detected:
warning: mesa will be installed before its libglvnd dependency
warning: dependency cycle detected:
warning: xorg-server will be installed before its libglvnd dependency
warning: dependency cycle detected:
warning: lib32-mesa will be installed before its lib32-libglvnd dependency

Packages (282) acpi_call-dkms-1.1.0-270  android-tools-29.0.5-2
               apr-1.7.0-2  apr-util-1.6.1-6  ark-19.12.0-1
               attica-5.65.0-2  baloo-5.65.0-2  baloo-widgets-19.12.0-1
               bash-completion-2.10-1  bauh-0.8.0-1  bison-3.5-1
               bluez-5.52-2  bluez-libs-5.52-2  bluez-qt-5.65.0-2
               breeze-icons-5.65.0-2  ckbcomp-1.194-1  cups-2.3.1-1
               cups-filters-1.26.0-1  device-mapper-2.02.186-4
               dhcpcd-8.1.4-1  dolphin-19.12.0-1
               dolphin-plugins-19.12.0-1  expat-2.2.9-3  feh-3.3-2
               ffmpegthumbs-19.12.0-1  filelight-19.12.0-1
               flashplugin-  flatpak-1.6.0-1
               frameworkintegration-5.65.0-2  fribidi-1.0.8-1
               fuse-common-3.9.0-1  fuse3-3.9.0-1  geary-1:3.34.2-2
               git-2.24.1-3  glib-networking-2.62.2-1  glib2-2.62.4-1
               gnupg-2.2.19-1  grantlee-5.2.0-2  groff-1.22.4-3
               gssproxy-0.8.2-3  gwenview-19.12.0-1  hplip-1:3.19.12-1
               hwinfo-21.61-1  iana-etc-20191212-1
               imagemagick-  imlib2-1.6.1-1
               intel-tbb-2020.0-1  intel-ucode-20191115-3
               kaccounts-providers-19.12.0-1  kactivities-5.65.0-2
               kactivities-stats-5.65.0-2  kamera-19.12.0-1
               karchive-5.65.0-2  kate-19.12.0-1  kauth-5.65.0-2
               kbookmarks-5.65.0-2  kcalc-19.12.0-1  kcmutils-5.65.0-2
               kcodecs-git-5.66.0.r289.g7310a34-1  kcompletion-5.65.0-2
               kcoreaddons-git-5.66.0.r920.g9578a7d-1  kcrash-5.65.0-2
               kdbusaddons-5.65.0-2  kdeclarative-5.65.0-2
               kdeconnect-1.4-1  kded-5.65.0-2
               kdenetwork-filesharing-19.12.0-1  kdesu-5.65.0-2
               kdialog-19.12.0-1  kdnssd-5.65.0-2  kdoctools-5.65.0-2
               keditbookmarks-19.12.0-1  kemoticons-5.65.0-2
               kfilemetadata-5.65.0-2  kfind-19.12.0-1  kget-19.12.0-1
               kglobalaccel-5.65.0-2  kguiaddons-5.65.0-2
               khelpcenter-19.12.0-1  kholidays-1:5.65.0-2
               khtml-5.65.0-2  ki18n-5.65.0-2  kiconthemes-5.65.0-2
               kidletime-5.65.0-2  kimageformats-5.65.0-2
               kinit-5.65.0-2  kio-5.65.0-2  kio-extras-19.12.0-1
               kirigami2-5.65.0-2  kitemmodels-5.65.0-2
               kitemviews-5.65.0-2  kjobwidgets-5.65.0-2  kjs-5.65.0-2
               knetattach-5.17.4-2  knewstuff-5.65.0-2
               knotifyconfig-5.65.0-2  konsole-19.12.0-1
               kpackage-5.65.0-2  kparts-5.65.0-2  kpeople-5.65.0-2
               kpeoplevcard-0.1+r37.562e0b0-1  kpty-5.65.0-2
               krunner-5.65.0-2  kservice-5.65.0-2
               ksystemlog-19.12.0-1  ktexteditor-5.65.0-2
               ktextwidgets-5.65.0-2  kunitconversion-5.65.0-2
               kwallet-5.65.0-2  kwalletmanager-19.12.0-1
               kwayland-5.65.0-2  kwidgetsaddons-5.65.0-2
               kwin-5.17.4-4  kwindowsystem-git-5.66.0.r485.g6e9eb11-1
               kxmlgui-5.65.0-2  latte-dock-0.9.5-2
               lib32-fribidi-1.0.8-1  lib32-glib2-2.62.4-1
               lib32-libcups-2.3.1-1  lib32-libglvnd-1.3.0-1
               lib32-libva-mesa-driver-19.3.1-1  lib32-libxi-1.7.10-2
               lib32-mesa-19.3.1-1  lib32-sqlite-3.30.1-1
               libcap-2.28-1  libcups-2.3.1-1  libde265-1.0.4-1
               libdmx-1.1.4-1 [removal]  libebml-1.3.10-1
               libedit-20191211_3.1-1  libevdev-1.8.0-2
               libevent-2.1.11-4  libgit2-1:0.28.4-1  libglvnd-1.3.0-1
               libheif-1.6.1-1  libical-3.0.7-1  libice-1.0.10-2
               libieee1284-0.2.11-8  libkdcraw-19.12.0-1
               libkexiv2-19.12.0-1  libkipi-19.12.0-1
               libksane-19.12.0-1  libmbim-1.20.4-1
               libmm-glib-1.12.2-1  libnm-1.20.9dev+19+gcbb1ad1ba-1
               libphonenumber-8.11.0-1  libqmi-1.24.2-1
               libqtxdg-3.4.0-2  libreoffice-fresh-6.3.4-1
               libsecret-0.19.1-3  libssh-0.9.3-1  libtirpc-1.2.5-1
               libva-intel-driver-2.4.0-1  libvpx-1.8.2-1
               libwacom-1.2-1  libx11-1.6.9-6  libxau-1.0.9-2
               libxcomposite-0.4.5-2  libxdamage-1.1.5-2
               libxdmcp-1.1.3-2  libxext-1.3.4-2  libxfixes-5.0.3-3
               libxfont2-2.0.4-2  libxi-1.7.10-2  libxinerama-1.1.4-2
               libxmlb-0.1.14-1  libxpm-3.5.13-1  libxrandr-1.5.2-2
               libxrender-0.9.10-3  libxss-1.2.3-2  libxtst-1.2.3-3
               libxv-1.0.11-3  libxxf86dga-1.1.5-1.1
               libxxf86vm-1.1.4-3  linux-firmware-20191220.6871bff-1
               linux53-5.3.18-1  linux53-headers-5.3.18-1
               linux53-nvidia-430xx-430.64-8  linux54-5.4.6-2
               linux54-headers-5.4.6-2  linux54-nvidia-430xx-430.64-9
               lvm2-2.02.186-4  manjaro-hello-0.6.3-3
               manjaro-release-18.1.5-1  mariadb-libs-10.4.11-1
               md4c-0.4.2-1  mesa-19.3.1-1  metis-5.1.0.p7-1
               mhwd-nvidia-340xx-340.108-1  mhwd-nvidia-440xx-440.44-1
               mkinitcpio-busybox-1.31.1-1  mkinitcpio-openswap-0.1.0-3
               modemmanager-1.12.2-1  modemmanager-qt-5.65.0-2
               nano-4.7-1  networkmanager-1.20.9dev+19+gcbb1ad1ba-1
               networkmanager-qt-5.65.0-2  noto-fonts-20190926-3
               nss-mdns-0.14.1-2  okular-19.12.0-1
               opencore-amr-0.1.5-3  oxygen-icons-1:5.65.0-2
               pamac-cli-9.2.2-1  pamac-common-9.2.2-1
               pamac-gtk-9.2.2-1  pamac-snap-plugin-9.2.2-1
               pamac-tray-appindicator-9.2.2-1  pcre2-10.34-3
               perl-alien-build-1.94-1  perl-alien-libxml2-0.12-1
               plasma-desktop-5.17.4-2  plasma-framework-5.65.0-4
               plasma-integration-5.17.4-2  print-manager-19.12.0-1
               prison-5.65.0-2  protobuf-3.11.1-2  pulseaudio-qt-1.2-1
               purpose-5.65.0-2  pyqt5-common-5.13.2-3 [removal]
               python-3.8.1-1  python-colorama-0.4.3-1
               python-more-itertools-8.0.2-1  python-pyaml-19.12.0-1
               python-pycurl-  python-pyparsing-2.4.6-1
               python-pyqt5-5.14.0-3  python-setuptools-1:42.0.2-1
               qqc2-desktop-style-5.65.0-3  qt5-base-5.14.0-1
               qt5-declarative-5.14.0-2  qt5-graphicaleffects-5.14.0-1
               qt5-imageformats-5.14.0-1  qt5-location-5.14.0-1
               qt5-multimedia-5.14.0-1  qt5-quickcontrols-5.14.0-1
               qt5-quickcontrols2-5.14.0-1  qt5-script-5.14.0-1
               qt5-sensors-5.14.0-1  qt5-speech-5.14.0-1
               qt5-svg-5.14.0-1  qt5-tools-5.14.0-1
               qt5-virtualkeyboard-5.14.0-1  qt5-webchannel-5.14.0-1
               qt5-webengine-5.14.0-1  qt5-webkit-5.212.0alpha3-8
               qt5-x11extras-5.14.0-1  rubygems-3.1.2-1
               s-nail-14.9.15-3  shadow-4.8-1
               signon-kwallet-extension-19.12.0-1  solid-5.65.0-2
               sonnet-5.65.0-2  spectacle-19.12.0-1
               syntax-highlighting-5.65.0-2  talloc-2.3.1-1
               threadweaver-5.65.0-2  thunderbird-68.3.1-1
               tpm2-tss-2.3.2-1  udiskie-1.7.7-3
               usbmuxd-1.1.0+66+g9af2b12-1  v4l-utils-1.18.0-1
               vlc-3.0.8-7  vulkan-icd-loader-1.1.130-1
               wpa_supplicant-2:2.9-3  xdg-desktop-portal-1.6.0-1
               xfsprogs-5.3.0-1  xorg-server-1.20.6-2
               xorg-server-common-1.20.6-2  xorg-xdpyinfo-1.3.2-3
               xorgproto-2019.2-2  xorgproto-transfer-2019.12-1
               xvidcore-1.3.6-1  yakuake-19.12.0-1

Total Installed Size:  3217.39 MiB
Net Upgrade Size:        22.60 MiB

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n] y
(280/280) checking keys in keyring                 [##############] 100%
(280/280) checking package integrity               [##############] 100%
error: failed to commit transaction (invalid or corrupted package)
Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded.

Ehhh... we 'had' movement lolol
Not 100% sure to do at this point. Seems like a package may have been corrupted during the original update?

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Everything good here on Openbox, Thank You! :heart:

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QT update broke my system settings. Screenshot_20191229_093936

It's a lie. We stayed on NetworkManager 1.20.X for now. :slight_smile:


(Unless it has suddenly changed? :thinking: )

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Same issue here too. Need some advice on how to proceed.


I had to update via Pamac because on the terminal it said it cannot resolve conflicts but then everything went fine, at least seems for now. I'll report if something is not ok after some day of normal use.

I also had the pyqt5 conflict. Quick search on the forum => no problem actually. I verified that no other package depends on python-pyqt5 (only some optional dependencies), then removed it and then the whole update went good. Info: I do updates on the tty only; kernel 419, XFCFE.

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Excellent. Thank you for your quick response.


I had conflict with pyqt5-common and one more python package, I just clicked remove y/N yes on both and upgrade went ok. No issue found, yet.
I do upgrade from TTY, always.

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Latte Dock and Event Calendar having issues, Latte is not responding after widget customization and event calendar is giving error. ( Error loading QML file ) Other than that no problem so far

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Updated through TTY. Apart from the pyqt5-common conflict no further issues.


Looks like a copypaste from Testing thread :slight_smile:
That version works for me, however.

warning: libnm: local (1.22.2-1) is newer than extra (1.20.9dev+19+gcbb1ad1ba-1)
warning: networkmanager: local (1.22.2-1) is newer than extra (1.20.9dev+19+gcbb1ad1ba-1)

Please see this thread:

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This is what I've got:

error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)
kdeconnect: /usr/share/contractor/kdeconnect.contract exists in filesystem (owned by indicator-kdeconnect)
Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded.

Because of that error I can't update anything. What can I do?

Absolute legend buddy, was running out of time until I needed to reboot but this helped massively! Cleanly updated now after removing a *.part file :smiley:

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There is still problem also with copy paste in spreadsheets apps like libre office/ms office 2010 in Gnome. Sometimes selected cells are copying sometimes not, even other times it copy bmp image of cell instead oof numbers/formulas.

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Transaction done successfully with no hiccups on Pamac GTK 9.2.0. Around 940 MB of packages got downloaded.

Thanks for this upgrade and happy 2020 in advance.

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