[Stable Update] 2020-03-14 - Kernels, Plasma 5.18.3, KDE Frameworks 5.67, KDE Apps 19.12.3, Firefox, Kodi

same problem with kwallet asking password on login

Thank you very much for the fix :ok_hand:

You did reboot after the kernel update?

Of course. I've tried both 5.5 and 5.4 kernels as well.

My HP Office Jet Pro 6970 also stopped working after this update. Seems your HP printer is not the only one affected.

I do not think that this is the problem - I saw those missing in the past already - long before this update - and printing did still work all the time.
These packages are only for the gui I guess but should not affect printing itself.
So I guess the problem is somewhere else, still haven't found it.

not against you or whatever, but 'of course' not so evident lol, most people complaining after every update don't reboot.

Don't know whether there is a "timer" effect but the day after the update, the issue with Kwallet asking for password, to automatically connect to the wifi, is gone !
I had reboot multiple times before and got the issue each time... exorcist ??! :smile:

So, I figured it out (I think).

By setting a blank password for kwallet, the issue went away. What I also did was reinstalled kwallet and kded5; and exported my current wallet to an xml, so I could delete and import the wallet, to try to "refresh" the kwallet.

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Much appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

I've tried adding the shutdown hook but this only results in a different message:

Unmounting all devices.
umount: /oldroot/sys: target is busy.
Detaching loop devices.
Disassembling stacked devices.

Are we supposed to just wait for a systemd update?

I have the same problem with kwallet at login.

I experience sporadic pamac crashes:

[ 3788.076328] search_aur_pkgs[24695]: segfault at 0 ip 0000000000000000 sp 00007ffb0e7fbbb8 error 14 in pamac-manager[55bd79979000+b000]
[ 3788.076333] Code: Bad RIP value.

The linux kernel/firmware bug that was introduced around [Stable Update] 2020-02-28 that caused Intel Corporation Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168NGW WiFi cards to stop working is still not fixed.

More info here and here. The only option to fix this currently is to downgrade the kernel (and possibly other kernel-related packages) to a pre-2020-02-28 version.

The bug was fixed upstream (Arch) more than a month ago. The diff for the fix is literally 3 lines long. Does anybody know, who I can contact from the Manjaro Kernel team? I know, that they are doing this as unpaid volunteers, and I shouldn't expect a lot from them, but it's still really frustrating that the Latest Recommended LTS kernel version in Manjaro can't get a backport patch for an already fixed bug for a whole month.

Maybe @philm is the man.

Yes, you can. But will it break something?

No, your not supposed to have both installed, and pacman should not to allow it. They both providethe same package xdg-desktop-portal-impl and thus should conflict with each other, at least they used to.

But yes, having both installed can break things. One is to allow Qt5/Kf5, etc. apps to use the Gtk+ file chooser, among other things, and the other is to allow Gtk+, etc. applications to use the Qt5/Kf5 file chooser, among other things. You can see how this could cause issues, right? That is unless they have come up with a way to switch between the different backends, like cups, and sane, etc. do. Even so, just to be on the safe side, I would still want only one installed, in use, depending on what DE i'm using.

NOTE: I don't even want to think about the other xdg-dektop-portal backends in the pipeline, like xdg-dektop-portal-wlr (wlroots), and xdg-desktop-portal-liri (Liri), etc.

Same problem. Not show each boot.

I'm on Linux 419, global menu not show each time boot. Maybe I should try Linux 54.

It's a magic. I have something similar happen. I changed different settings, and now I don't see this message even though wallet is working correctly.
Perhaps the problem went away after I changed my wallet password to exactly the same one. But I'm not sure.

All good here, no problems. Fine business. Thank you.

I have the same issue with kwallet and password at login.
Specifically the application kde5 requires password after each login.
Unfortunately leaving the field blank does not help me.

So what were the exact steps you were following?
Same password in kde5 dialog and kwalletmanager ?

Otherwise a flawless update.
Thank you manjaro team :+1:

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