[Stable Update] 2020-04-26 - KDE Apps 20.04, Mesa 20.0.5, Browsers, Gnome 3.36.2, Wine 5.7

This just got integrated in latest update for manjaro-system-settings.

I have some problems with the timeshift. It's stuck in rsync.
My bootime increases 1min +- in SSD, lvm2-monitor.service is the most stuck in boot... But I can't mask this makes the kernel-panic on the system. Can anyone have similar problems?


Manjaro KDE - No sound with Audacity on Kernel 5.6.7-1, restart with 5.5.19-1 sound o.k.
Destination in Audacity always HD-Audio Generic ALC1220 Digital (hw 1,1)

Greetings Michael

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@cbDejaVu That was very helpful to me.

I am having some issues with vlc, Firefox and Chromium not starting, and other chromium based browsers (I have tried Vivaldi [AUR], and Brave) which Work for the most part, until you try to download anything, at which point they both crash

More details, logs and my specs in my forum post: Most browsers crash after the latest stable update (also vlc)

Everything was fine before this update, and I have tried Reinstalling them, as well as trying a newer kernel, neither of which fixed it

I posted this on reddit as well, and a commenter there said I should try to make a post in this thread as well, because you might already have a solution.

Cursor positioning in terminal is broken.
No matter if I use Konsole, XTerm or integrated PhpStorm terminal, the cursor looses the start and end position when the line gets longer (not speaking about linebreaks, only like 50 chars, unfortunately its is not a fixed number). So pressing POS1 it is not positioned at the beginning but at positon 16. Pressing END it is positioned 16 characters behind he actual end of the line.

I remember having a similar effect with accidentally using proportional fonts, but this is not the case now.

Firefox default issue now fixed for me. No other issues. Thanks to everyone.

how did you fix it?

After installed this update i experienced the black/blank screen issue after login from GUI (Before this update my system was just fine).
So i tried to disable the Gnome Shell Extension from TTY with gsettings set org.gnome.shell disable-user-extensions true then login again from GUI, and it's succeed. Based on several tests this issue will still occur if the computer Shutdown or the session Logout with Gnome Shell Extension enable. Hope the next update will fix this issue. Thank you

Sorry, I jumped the gun a bit there. I've just rebooted, fired up Firefox and it's back to claiming not to be the default again. I thought today's manjaro-kde-settings update had fixed it, but I was wrong.

What I've now done is just unchecked the " always check if Firefox is your default browser" in Firefox preferences because it IS the default no matter what it says and I'll just wait until it is fixed properly.

Maybe it could be if you can tell us what extension is causing the issue. :wink:

Assuming this is an extension from Manjaro official repositories, and not something from third-party sources (AUR, Gnome website, etc.).

The update fixed it. Check the file etc/xdg/plasma-workspace/env/envars.sh and see if the variable GTK_USE_PORTAL=1 is set or is commented, if it is commented out then you will not have the issue about firefox or thunderbird asking to be default every time you start them again. If it is set then something reverted back the change that fixed the issue and that would be on your end because current official files have the variable commented out, or maybe there is another issue somewhere that for now only you seem to have, but apparently it is now fixed for everyone I read on the forum or everyone I know.

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That's fixed it (after a reboot). Thanks very much.

Is there yet a fix for the wine-staging not recognizing the wine-mono? I did try to downgrade one, then the other, then both at the same time... it didn't work in any combination anymore :frowning:

KDE is a mess. Have not tried anything else, but at this point I would never go with KDE again.
(Powerdevil is just plain bad and caused all kinds of crashes - had to uninstall; baloo is a mess out of the box (when dealing with network or remote files) - had to disable indexing; Plasma is bug-hole and the journald is filled with bad code errors from plasma (tried to even fix some of them myself... and report the bugs to kde -> found bugreports about the same files dating back 1-2 years ... STILL not fixed officially.); kwin is just utter mess; SDDM and screen locking just randomly hangs or freezes the computer and requires a reboot to recover ... either don't lock screen or better yet, don't use KDE at all)

Sorry for late reply and incomplete information. After i tried disable and enable several extensions, i found that gnome-shell-pomodoro extension from AUR caused this issue

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