[Stable Update] 2020-05-19 - Kernels, Calamares, KDE Framework, MSM, Wine

Thanks for another flawless update.

Hello. Gnome version here. The update went fine. I followed the instructions for "qgnomeplatform" and then checked my orphans:

chrome-gnome-shell                10.1-3               extra      27,1 kB
cython                            0.29.17-1            community  8,9 MB
gnome-shell-extension-gamemode    4.r5.g03d73fb-1      community  24,7 kB
gnome-shell-extension-openweather 1.0.r243.g1c9dd03-1  community  558,0 kB
kvantum-theme-matchama            20191118-1           community  2,4 MB
liburing                          0.6-1                community  52,2 kB
manjaro-base-skel                 20171029-3           extra      17,4 kB
manjaro-gdm-branding              20200425-1           community  3,9 kB
manjaro-gnome-extension-settings  20200426-1           community  1,5 kB
manjaro-gnome-settings            20200512-1           community  26,1 kB
matcha-gtk-theme                  20200510-1           community  18,2 MB
python-pytest                     5.4.2-1              community  2,8 MB
qt5-styleplugins            community  1,3 MB
qt5ct                             0.41-2               community  949,4 kB
ttf-hack                          3.003-2              extra      1,3 MB
xcursor-breeze                    5.11.5-1             community  5,5 MB

Should all of these be orphans? The breeze-cursor theme ? Gnome Shell Extensions ?

What instructions where? If you're going to use QGNOMEPlatform instead of Qt5Ct, then you no longer need qt5ct & qt5-styleplugins. None of the others are related.

It looks like you uninstalled manjaro-gnome-assets as a lot of those packages are dependencies of it. To check, run the following:

pacman -Si manjaro-gnome-assets

You can mark packages you want to be explicitly installed by using:

sudo pacman -D --asexplicit package-name

Or, you can reinstall manjaro-gnome-assets, of course.

Here are the instructions at the end of the pacman.log for QGNOMEPlatform

[2020-05-20T01:00:09+0300] [ALPM] running 'manjaro-gnome-messages.hook'...
[2020-05-20T01:00:10+0300] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] 
[2020-05-20T01:00:10+0300] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] ESC[1;1mESC[1;32m==>ESC[1;0mESC[1;1m Printing support installedESC[1;0m
[2020-05-20T01:00:10+0300] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] 
[2020-05-20T01:00:10+0300] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] ESC[1;1mESC[1;32m==>ESC[1;0mESC[1;1m We have switched into qgnomeplatform instead qt5ct so now 
[2020-05-20T01:00:10+0300] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET]     -> qt5ct
[2020-05-20T01:00:10+0300] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET]     -> qt5-styleplugins
[2020-05-20T01:00:10+0300] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET]     are marked as orphans. If you want you can continue to use this two packages but
[2020-05-20T01:00:10+0300] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET]     if you want use qgnomeplatform engine you need to modify your /etc/environment 
[2020-05-20T01:00:10+0300] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET]     with this changes:
[2020-05-20T01:00:10+0300] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET]     remove or comment this:
[2020-05-20T01:00:10+0300] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET]     -> QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=qt5ct
[2020-05-20T01:00:10+0300] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET]     add:
[2020-05-20T01:00:10+0300] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET]     -> QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=1
[2020-05-20T01:00:10+0300] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET]     -> QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=gnome
[2020-05-20T01:00:10+0300] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET]     -> QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=kvantum
[2020-05-20T01:00:10+0300] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET]     This is allESC[1;0m
[2020-05-20T01:00:10+0300] [ALPM] running 'update-desktop-database.hook'...
[2020-05-20T01:00:10+0300] [ALPM] running 'update-mime-database.hook'...

I removed manjaro-gnome-assets at:

[2020-05-15T01:02:00+0300] [ALPM] removed manjaro-gnome-assets (20200425-1)

because it was marked as orphan.

Also manjaro-gnome-settings is installed and got upgraded:

[2020-05-20T00:59:46+0300] [ALPM] upgraded manjaro-gnome-settings (20200426-1 -> 20200512-1)
[2020-05-20T00:59:46+0300] [ALPM] upgraded manjaro-settings-manager (0.5.6-8 -> 0.5.6-9)
[2020-05-20T00:59:46+0300] [ALPM] upgraded manjaro-settings-manager-notifier (0.5.6-8 -> 0.5.6-9)


@Ste74 Was this expected behavior?

Um... sanity?

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Globally flawless here too (KDE plasma), except a minor glitch in kinfocenter. Some menus/icons disappeared (see screenshot (there are others problems on this screenshot but not for this thread)).manjaro-kde-bugs20200520a


Presumably an upstream problem, coz my Arch is now also doing this... btw.


The mouse scroll not working on the desktop is not a bug, but a change in behaviour.

It was changed a while ago and announced at https://pointieststick.com/ . Now you need to scroll the mouse on the virtual desktops at the bottom left of your screen. They are using the mouse scroll for something else but I don't remember what. Maybe some better informed person can chime in.

I think it is. it only happens when "Folder View" is selected (in Desktop, it works fine).
We can choose any action for "Vertical-Scroll" in "Mouse Actions", all are ignored.
Other users have already noticed this problem.

Thank you for the updates but how ever after update my Notifications are off the grid..!! KDE 5.18 :upside_down_face:

Ah, when I read the article there were no comments yet, but I'm glad to hear I can safely upgrade!

Famous concatenated menu.
This also happens here. Nothing severe.


No issue here. KDE linux54 + move to kernel 5.6 post update.

Today I received the notification, that I can upgrade intel-ucode from 20191115-3 to 20200508-1. My question is, if undervolting of CPU/GPU is still possible after this upgrade? I know, Intel wants to lock this feature due to Plundervolt. Until now, I used intel-undervolt to restrict CPU/GPU to -110mV and I don't want to lose the additional performance.

in manjaro Kde, after the update, trying to start a script or Htop from the menu, results in this error: impossible to find the program "Konsole", but from the terminal the programs start normally.

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Thanks to the Manjaro Team for another great update. All went fine on my Manjaro KDE machine (Linux 4.19). Just a minor issue: latte dock animations (show/hide and parabolic zoom) are noticeably slower after the update. Could this be related to the issue mentioned by @muvori?

Hello everyone,

Everything went just fine.

I also edited /etc/environment as follows:


Changing this file leads to a warning message in the Qt5 Settings application stating

Please remove the QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE environment variable (current value: kvantum).

I really am a real noob :smile:

Was searching for orphan packages after the update and the changes. Turns out the Qt5 settings application is obsolete now.

I know I probably should have first understand what I am changing before applying the change.


After update (Manjaro KDE) the programs that open with the console as a "htop" do not work.

After update on a Manjaro Gnome install on Macbook Vbox guest, kernel changed to the real time kernel. I changed it back to LTS on a reboot.

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