[Stable Update] 2020-06-13 - Kernels, Systemd, Pamac, Cinnamon, Deepin, Firefox, Thunderbird, Qt, Kodi

What killer feature is in new plasma that your family needs it asap?

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I think you've captured the situation the best. I'm glad that stable releases go through the rigor of being vetted as stable before being released.

I think these are valid arguments. However, I think the people who are clamoring for the next update are doing so because they don't know what's going on. And I think that's a fair criticism.

Looking at the latest testing update post, 98% of people have voted that there are no issues or they've found workarounds. And the replies to the post have not shown any show-stoppers.

So there must be a list of still unresolved bugs that the Manjaro team is tracking internally that is keeping the release held back. And like @gluhwein said, we assume those are good reasons.

Perhaps it would be more appropriate for those asking for updates to post in Feature Requests or somewhere to ask that the testing bug list be made public?

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Although I got this update itch at the end of the first week, I have to say after 3 weeks I am quite enjoying the current stable period :sweat_smile:
Uptime: 21 days, 16 hours, 48 mins

Talking about updates I look forward to is Firefox 80 with va-api support on X11, but that's not even in testing yet.


I suppose the testing OP could have a list of "blockers" (or similar) so people know why it might be being "held back"...


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Why there are no current updates to stable branch

Most of our team is currently involved to push Manjaro ARM to the Pinephone. To see what we are up to, you can always follow our Twitter Account. Additionally we are working together with UBPorts foundation to get Lomiri ready and ported to Manjaro.

However, we don't forget our desktop users as community project and company. Our new release #Mikah will be available soon, latest a first RC with the upcoming stable update later this week.


You do what needs to be done..

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Pardon my ignorance, but why would you want to port Ubuntu(Touch) into Manjaro? It's going to be like this linux subsystem in windows thing, but ubuntu subsystem in manjaro? What? :smiley:

No, we will have #Lomiri as a regular UI for our users. It will be packaged by us and maintained by us. With the help of the Lead-Developer from UBports foundation most of the work was done in under one week. The UI is targeted for the upcoming PineTab and other tablet like devices we plan for the Manjaro eco-system.

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This is a very bad comparison. Unity8 (now Lomiri) is a DE. You wouldn't say "why use KDE Plasma 5, we don't need a KDE subsystem in Manjaro".

Unity8 wasn't ported to be able to use in Manjaro due to a lot of patches and issues in the past. It used to be requested quite a bit. And now we can have it back for those who want to use it. It also has Wayland support, which will be nice!

Manjaro is getting into the ARM world now, with a lot of development for PineTab & PinePhone as well, which can utilize Lomiri.

I guess I get it now, this Unity8 / Lomiri is then the DE part only of this Ubuntu Touch thing and that is being ported to Manjaro as a DE, not the entire Ubuntu Touch thing (which seems to be entire OS, not just DE), which I misunderstood. :sweat_smile:

I'm glad the update dragged on. A bug in qt 5.15 solved my problem (at least in qt apps), but the next update it will fix and the problem will return :sweat_smile:

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There's another fix for that - I use easygesture, and if I don't keep the mouse still when I click, it'll do a gesture - if moving right it pulls the window (horizontal maximise). Only happens when deliberately dragging RMB to the right though...

If you don't use easygesture, you can enable KDE mouse gestures on the RMB, that'd stop it too...

Thank you for your reply. Now I have the answer to my question. Once again thanks to the Manjaro Team for your work. :clap:

I saw a version of the pinephone with Ubuntu Touch. Do you know if there will be a version of the pinephone with Manjaro ARM only ?

I am soooo confused, because you are saying using Pacman -Syy is ok but the arch wiki specifically says never to use -Sy. Are they right or you?


You don't want to use pacman -Syy typically to install packages such as using pacman -Syy syncthing because it can cause issues with dependencies by not updating.

In this case specifically, you are doing pacman -Syy to refresh the mirrors, then installing pacman-static just by itself, then using pacman-static to do the actual update. But you should only do this if you need to do it; majority of users do not. And it's obviously been tested by the Manjaro team else they wouldn't recommend it.

Here Manjaro KDE and no updates for over a month ? Are manjaro devs telling us to switch to testing or unstable branches (I love to switch but I had bad experience with testing branch) ? or is there some dangerous bugs that keep us from upgrading ?

Yes there will be Manjaro edition.

Are you talking about X86 or ARM? As for ARM it stable updates will be coming soon but there seem to be no major update lately.

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