[Stable Update] 2020-07-19 - Kernels, KDE, LibreOffice, Mesa, Cinnamon, Deepin, Pamac, Browsers

omgomgomg update! :slight_smile:
... but but but... "there is nothing to do" ???

"Why is there no update already?"

Then, a wild update appeared.

"This is broken, why did it not stay in Testing?"


Give some time to the mirrors to get the new stuff. It can take several hours.

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I have made the update on three computers:
1 * KDE and 2 * XFCE.

The KDE computer: system tray icon (on the system tray right hand side)-> system update notifier is grayed out.

My region format got reset to the same as my system language (en_US).
I just changed it back (de_DE) the Plasma settings panel.

Everything else working great!


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Had to install ttf-dejavu (as mentioned in the initial post) and change my system language format back to german. Other than that, everything is fine.

Thanks for your work, guys. It's really appreciated.

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This was a big one, so I report here:
xfce, ivy bridge i7-3517, 390xx bumblebee, ...smooth, ventoy gave me a little hickup, so I deleted it to go along with my update.
Noticed a /etc/fonts.conf.pacnew.
Other than that... smooth.

Edit: chromium 84 has now vaapi support :heart_eyes:

oh oh...massive update

but all went fine here (KDE)

On KDE, the desktop effects weren't working like the background contrast, fading popups, blur, etc. Had to re-enable all of them after disabling them to fix it.

On gnome i had a session expired, i haven't see the process update.. :sweat:
Anyway, i wait 'till reboot and all seem to go fine :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Just updated a Surface Pro 4 (w/ Arch Surface Kernel) running Gnome. Everything went smoothly. Interestingly, "tap to click" was turned off after the update, but was able to switch it back on and everything works normally.

Thank you Manjaro team!

you can run

pacman-mirrors --status

The update was fine. My xfce4-terminal font is different now - Monospace Regular. What was the default font before update?

I have Manjaro KDE, but use i3 as my main WM. The update wanted to replace xorg-font-utils with xorg-font-utils-misc, which I accepted. Now the fonts are off in dmenu, kitty and possibly other places. Any fix for this?

Please read the Known Issues post. It's there for a reason.


There is a little display bug with the KDE Breath2 dark theme: the redshift and pamac icons are now black instead of white. You can see them between the bin and the clipboard.

Otherwise, everything is fine.


A smooth, trouble-free update to three Manjaro KDE 5.4.x LTS machines! Thanks to the Manjaro team!

Updated two Xfce machines. Mac mini went smoothly. Lenovo IdeaPad got stuck booting right after update. I finally powered it off with the switch and restarted. Since then, it's booting up like normal.

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