[Stable Update x32] 2017-12-29 - i686'm too 686 for my 686

Just a reminder: We all know that intel stopped providing 32bit cpus since 2006
So now It's 2018=12 years very enough for a setup upgrade, even mesa stopped supporting that years old gpus.
Anyway, We wouldn't see any 32bit in the horizon of 2022, so all:be prepared, Linux 4.15 is in the way and the work goes on...

no, is a 2004 laptop, IME was not embedded in the CPU

This discussion has been had before and an announcement thread is not an appropriate place to continue it. If you're not going to use the 32-bit packages be happy with the 64-bit ones and leave everyone else to enjoy these ones.

Edit: After reviewing dates, Yonah-based Core chips were in production until 2008, and the N270 Atom was used throughout 2010 (possibly available later), so they're not all that old.

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well, I think a minimal xfce will be ok, not going tu use something less and not needed to many program, we can install what we want after
I'm having that old laptop but I'm not using it any more, just sometimes to keep it alive :smile:

I already agree with you, that was just a reminder.

I couldn't upgrade due to a pepper-flash invalid signature issue. I removed pepper-flash and flashplugin. The upgrade completed, but now I have no pepper-flash. I tried to reinstall pepper-flash and I get an invalid signature or corrupt package error. Does anyone know a workaround? I have been working on a solution for two hours and I am ready to throw in the towel.

Please check the new thread:

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