Started TLP system startup/shutdow

I've been in this error in the official version, and I'm really confused, Debian and CentOS have never had this problem, I suspect it's caused by dual graphics cards, and I'm really confused, and I have to give up manjaro.

You have to do what you have to do ... but maybe you need to add
acpi_osi=! acpi_osi="Windows 2009
at boot ... disable fast boot and secure boot in BIOS ...

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Double post. The same with a little bit more info can be found here.


It seems to be related to my graphics card driver, I don't quite understand this one. Can I just use my Intel graphics card?I don't want to change other systems, I like manjaro

I suspect it was caused by my dual graphics card.

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GPU driver: NVIDIA

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It may be possible to use just one graphics card - boot into BIOS and look for the option, but not all versions have it.

You might find reading this: How to provide good information in your posts to be helpful both now and in the future.

You could also try using a different install version (18.0 or 17.1.12) since they use a different default kernel.

Additionally have you tried both the free and non-free driver options when installing?

Given some time the Manjaro community usually proves to be both helpful and friendly. :smile_cat: But in the end you are responsible for your system - that is the power of linux. :smiley:

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