Starting Discord & Skype on Boot, but Only in the Tray

Hi! So there's two applications, Discord and Skype, that I would like to start on boot, but be minimized to the tray on boot as well, without intervention by me in any way[I want it to be all automated]. I've searched for ways to do it, but nothing is getting me anywhere, and I don't know what to do at this point. If anyone would know of any way to do it, please let me know.

  • I use GNOME 3 as my DE

For discord you can use the command line argument --start-minimized
For skype i will need to look it up

There is no tray in Gnome3 - you will need an extension.

skype/Discord - found this that could be adapted:

But probably will not work on wayland.

from Skype main window press Ctrl , to open Skype Settings

go to General

turn on this:

Automatically start Skype
Launch Skype in the background

and this:

Launch Skype in the background
Skype will start minimised in the system tray


I tried to use that post, but it didn't make much sense to me, and I didn't want to take any risks.
My GNOME3 DE does have a tray, I'm using the version of GNOME that Manjaro ships with. As via the post from @nikgnomic, I was able to solve the issue with Skype, but as I said above, I can't fix the issue for Discord still.

If you or anyone else has anything else they know might work, let me know.

As per the original link by @xircon :

you'll need to submit a bug to Discord and ask them to provide an option for launching to systray


Ok, if that's the only option, then will do.

So the aformentioned command line argument --start-minimized did not work i guess? You never mentioned it. Because that is the built in option for that. Just asking for clarification for people that need/want this info later.

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Nope doesn't work on discord.

Yeah, it didn't work.

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