Starting to learn inkscape...

And I'm loving it! I made a couple drawings, but here's my first wallpaper (I'm planning to make a manjaro edition of these and all my others, just ask if you want one made and I'll try my best to make it):

If you want a raw svg (uses mesh gradients from svg 2.0 so you won't find many programs that support it, only one i know is inkscape) feel free to ask (pinging me).
Hope you like this! I plan to make a geometric version soon too!


Oh, I just switched back from solus to manjaro. And whoa, all the problems I had have been fixed. I dunno if it was a kernel update or what, but MANJARO ALL THE WAY!

Sorry, I really forgot about this...
version with manjaro logo

version without manjaro logo


Good start :slight_smile:

I warn you, Inkscape can be addictive (Krita, Blender and Gimp but also) :smiley:

Just a note :slight_smile:

Manjaro uses the font: comfortaa



image Square

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Thank you! I'm already addicted to Inkscape and GIMP, not Krita though as I'm a trash drawer, and would be addicted to blender if not for my crap pc.

I'm aware that Manjaro uses Comfortaa for it's official logo, but I prefer the font I used here, "Jost*" (previously called "Renner"*): It's clean and Futura-like... I use it in the majority of my designs.

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