Steam: controller-users wanted!

Hi there!
Because some people still have issues with steam controllers, xbox controllers and all the other controllers out there, it would be good to know some of you who can test "things" and give feedback if it works.

Please tell us the controller you own, if it works on steam nd the Manjaro edition you are using.

(I dont know if this is 'asking for assistance' wich is not allowed here but feel free to remove it in this case)


My PS3 controller works with all the Steam games I've tried so far; no special setup was required. I'm running Manjaro Cinnamon.


BTW "WiiU Pro Controller" also works flawless with steam-manjaro. (KDE Edition)

I can Test them if you want I have xbox one and steam controler. I play games regularly using crossover and some native Linux Steam games.

I own Steam Controller and have also used it to play Steam games on Manjaro although I usually use it on my another - Windows machine. Steam Controller seems to work correctly except that many times it is not recognized when the USB wireless plus is attached so I need to restart my Manjaro machine. After restart everything works perfectly.

I've got a Steam Controller, PS3 and wired Xbox 360 Controller. Running kernel 4.8 and my Steam Controller hasn't worked for a while but the other two are fine. Willing to help out.

could you people with a steam controller please test


that is currently in manjaro testing? It contains a newer udev rule for steam and PS4 controllers

The Steam Controller finally works again! Only when Steam is running though. Both Kernel 4.8 & 4.9. Running Stable.


So after reciving my own steam controller (i hate this input thingy right now, but its gettin better) i've found out that we do something strange in manjaro for all the time :smiley:

our udef rules for the controller input are set to uaccess for uinput (because be default /dev/uinput is only read/writable for root) thanks to uaccess its also read/writable for the user that is logged in.

So the big "BUT?!" is that we dont even load uinput at boot time. So i've tried 2 days whats wrong and why my user dont have access to /dev/uinput, but thats was the simple solution

modprobe uinput

and now

getfacl /dev/uinput
getfacl: Entferne führende '/' von absoluten Pfadnamen
# file: dev/uinput
# owner: root
# group: root

and the steam controller even works without steam.

So i've added this to my steam-manjaro re-do

so if you're using a steam controller just do this for the normal manjaro pkg

echo 'uinput' | sudo tee --append /etc/modules-load.d/steam-uinput2.conf
sudo modprobe uinput

this will add the module to load on boot AND loads the module also now


Not sure if this is helpful, but my steam cotnroller hasn't been working since about October.

I just today switched to the 4.9 kernel and instantly the SC worked perfectly as it has since 2015.
Switched back to 4.4.39 and nothing.
So I'm not sure what happened there, but something in 4.9 is working for the steam controller that isn't working in the LTS.

Both kernels are working for me. Have you tried adding the uinput.conf?

Indeed i am Running What started as a 16.04 but have fully updated Upgraded you KDE version and have a PS4 controller to test i have several games in steam linux and win steam i can try!

Steam controllers worked out the box for me, didn't have to do anything

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Nice to hear :slight_smile:
It wasnt that hard to implement, once I had that steam controller ^^

No issues with Steam controller here on my pc. If you want to test a specific case let us know, as I don't really use it on my workstation but in the living room via steam link.

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There is some work ongoing... how about

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on Manjaro Steam? I just need a bit more time to test things.

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