Steam/CSGO font issues

Hi, folks.

I am having some trouble with the native version of Steam (didn't have the same issues with the flatpak version). The fonts in CSGO and in the console are "off". Please see screens for details.

  1. In this screen if you see under 'Settings' on the right side, I get a question mark.
  2. Under this screen, I can't see my nick. Same goes for other players (when I play MM I encounter a different bug, too, which tells me stuff like 'e://.../.../ump.jpg' (cant remember, the exact path or extension) regarding the weapon they bought.
  3. In this one, the information about the players I hit and get hit by, the dashes are all off.

Is someone experiencing the same issues?

check that you have also US langage for steam

If you mean in the 'System locale' then, yes, I do have it. I'm using it as display language...

Sooo... I had US English in my system locale, but not UTF -8. If anyone else experiences this, you need to add this :sweat_smile:

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