Steam games after 10-10-19 update of Manjaro Gnome

For some reason I can not reply in the announcement topic, so I will post it here.

After today's update I got a new gnome desktop version 3.34. All seems well, but I find that I can not play the game counter strike GO any more. It will show the game menu after some time, but in there there is sound but no visual feedback of actions. Also there is a border left and on top where the top bar and dash normally are. Shutting down the game with Alt-F4 is the only option.

Anyone else have this issue?

I witnessed this behavior as well in a test install a month ago.

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Have you triued in window mode? It sounds like a issue I had with War Thunder, if not then it was worth a try.

I have a similar problem, I was helped by changing the version of proton to 4.2

similar issue and gnome-shell 3.34 uses 105% processor in htop

I noticed that after funnicking about with alt-tab and particularly the "windows" key and switching from and to CSGO eventually gives the expected result of a working interface and real full screen. Not quite resolved. Seems like a problem with gnome shell 3.34 not being able to handle the full screen games.

.... but it is hit and miss... 1 out of 5 tries....

I'm also having issues trying to play CS:GO after the update.

Some people are reverting gnome to 3.32 to fix the issue.

Actually most full screen games struggle with gnome 3.34, especially when switching applications with alt-tab and the "window" key....



What current fix have you found? Should I play this window mode until a future update?

Edit: I found a "fix" on github. As soon as you launch the game, go to activities and let the game start in the background. As soon as it reaches the menu, you can join the game.

No fixes in gnome Haven't tried your proposal yet, but will try.

I did however test this on other desktop environments :
Works well on xfce and KDE. Turns out to be a gnome 3.34 problem

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