Steam-native tomb raider

I have problems to launch tomb raider with native enviromment.
the problem is that:
error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Anyways I have gconf installed and updated so.. someone can try the game and tell if he get it to work with native?
I think it worked before( source:

Thanks in advance, may be it's a bug in the package itself!

Have you rebooted? I ran into the same issue with Rise of the Tomb Raider. After installing gconf and rebooting it worked for me. I installed through Steam.

rebooting not help to launch the game.

And I have discovered that the game or amd drivers have problems with 2 monitors configurations ( laptop +external )

Try using Proton.

Ppl say it works better than native.

I have 3 monitors and there's no problems. Why would there be? You select the screen to play on at startup.

It does, however if it won't launch at all then something else is up. It's still worth trying it with Proton before troubleshooting as there's no real benefit to running the native version. Keep in mind native saves and proton saves aren't compatible with one another, so don't start a game until you've settled on using either the native version OR the Windows version through Proton.

AMD drivers are built into the kernel, its rare that you need to tinker with them. Assuming that you're using a laptop with an AMD apu, it might be worth trying more recent kernel versions before anything else. Try everything above 5.4 and report back if you're still having issues.

It may also worth posting in the newbies section regarding the monitor issues as that forum gets a lot more traffic than the gaming sub-forum (which is where counter strike threads go to die and not much else).

Please also take a quick look at this before opening any more support threads.

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Have you tried installing the AUR version? It is working fine for me.
You can install gconf from the AUR with the following command:

git clone && cd gconf && makepkg -rsi

If you want to prevent gconf from being overwritten with manjaro's version on update, add

IgnorePkg = gconf

under [options]to /etc/pacman.conf

You open the launcher, yo click on launch or game or open or whatever be. The program starts to charge and you obtain a window that is not updated with context (you see whatever you had before on it) and while you move the mouse you can hear the sound of the menu, but the menu doesnt show .
I am not sure why happen this but is near to happen always and I have discovered that I have to change screens or something like this for the game ...
Example , I boot my session with the external screen(laptop screen powered off). Open the game and the game doesn't function. Change the screen to my laptop's one ,changing again to my external screen appear to fix the problem for THIS session. But I have to do more tests.. I have spent hours on it changing composition deleting caches deleting game and steam .. nothing working

I have kernel 5.6 and I have tried with 5.4 too. I have latest Mesa and all updated I know that amd drivers are in kernel and in mesa. The problem is not the screen themselves the problem are the screens+game configuration. It is something weird. Deleting csches, steam ,rebooting disabling things in steam. Nothing works until I discovere that with dual monitor setup, one screen booted up the game and if I try again with the other screen there was sound but any video or menu displaying , you were able to close the game without having any video navigating thought the menu by memory, because the game "works" but any "video" is showed in the window

The problem itself it's not gcomf because you can run the game with steam runtime, so no problem here, the post itself was to mention that gcomf of manjaro is not working with tomb raider. I saw after that the game was not working at all with video, but it is another problem
I might change the title of the subject because it is getting very different from the original op

This makes it sound more like an annoyance than an actual problem. Your first post implied that the game wasn't launching at all but now I'm not sure there's any problem with the game other than you having a weird external monitor setup.

Make sure the monitor you want to use is set as the primary display in Plasma and Steam's settings. Try launching the game as windowed and as full screen to see if it makes any difference. You didn't say if you've tried Proton, if you haven't, do.

Could you also please try to limit the information to one post rather than three.

Huh... Interesting you have this issue. I just tested the game native without any issues. It worked without having to do anything.

Ryzen 7 1700x, Radeon 5700 XT, Kernel 5.6, 3x 1440p monitors (running game on middle screen)

I have tried windowed and full screen, I have tried to put the external monitor like primary and not again, I have tried so maaaany things EXCEPT :slight_smile:
1proton and probably I won't do
2 To not 0pen the launcher before the game.. yes, it was the trick, ■■■■■■■ Linux no sense problems..

The second one have fixed the problem, untick the launcher and having the game launching itself it's the trick.
I feel myself like an idiot, so ease solution and not saw that..
I will play without proton since I prefer native and with my laptop native when is working, it's not working bad I think so.. I will use the native port of feral to be grateful with them

one question, do you open the launcher before the game? or did you untick this option? I ask because unticking this option was the trick to not having problems with the game..
At least I have opened the game 10 consecutives time without any problem, I hope tomorrow the problem doesn't come back again JAJA.

Yes, I have the launcher open before the game. Yes, I run TR native. This works fine for me. I use a desktop with Nvidia graphics with 1 screen and a desktop with AMD graphics with 2 screens. Works on both using the launcher.

So my conclusion is: there is a subtle hardware/driver difference and/or configuration issue on your end because TR should be able to run just fine.

Glad you figured out you can play the game without running the launcher though! Yay :smiley:

I don't know why the not open of the launche make the game run well.. it's weird. But at least I can play. I won't "mind" about it since I can open it with ctrl and I am gaming so good jajaj.

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