Steam requires a password to unlock my login keyring

A couple of hours ago I launched Steam, installed an update and since then it keeps asking for a password to unlock my login keyring. What should I do? If I click on "Cancel", it doesn't let my play any game. How can I solve this issue?

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Disable autologin.

It's disabled, I'm not using autologin.

If you do not use auto login - and you trust the game - why not unlock the keyring?

I asked for help because I thought it was a strange behaviour from Steam. Until today, it never required me to unlock my login keyring. I'm a bit of a newbie so I opened a topic to get some advice. :smile:

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I had the same issue -- steam started asking to unlock the default keyring. I apparently forgot the password or didn't know it in the first place so I installed seahorse and then used it to simply delete the keyring all together. Started steam again, it asked to create a new keyring, which I then used [blank] as the password and now the issue seems solved. :slightly_smiling_face:

Note, if you're going to follow what I did, make sure you backup any passwords as I believe the default keyring holds the ones for chromium-based apps.


thank you, I was having the same issue, and was able to easily fix it with seahorse.

since one of the monthly updates I get prompted that my keyring was not unlocked and I need to enter my password, for various apps.

I guess this is the solution but isn't it a risk to have a blank keyring password?

My understanding is that it's a risk to local system access. But the same can be said for say -- firefox stored passwords -- the implementation is different but they're still accessible by the local logged-in user. As long as you control local access then you're theoretically fine.

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