Stuck at emergency shell

I have the exact same problem!!! How can verified updates nuke my OS? I need it for work and this unreliability is disconcerting!! Have I chosen the wrong distro?

If you have the exact same problem then you can use the exact same solution.

Else create a new post starting with the error message and the minimum debugging information requested.

It has nothing to do with the distro, some changes are just a bit harder to execute then others, you can check other distros forums, which are full of topics with this update.

Your OS is not nuked, once a proper diagnosis is made, the solution is pretty simple.

If reliability is of the utmost importance to you then maybe a rolling distro is not your best option. Do you need the latest software, system packages, kernels and drivers for your work system? As far as rolling distros go Manjaro is able as stable as it gets. Does this guarantee issues will not arise during updates? No.

On the bright side, if you do experience any issues then Manjaro's community is arguably better than other distros in helping you solve your issue in a friendly and timely manner.

This was a particularly tricky update, and a lot of work and testing was done in unstable and testing repos to minimize issues when applied in stable. Given the scope of what was changed, I am surprised there were not more issues.

Given your system is a work system I would recommend backing up before every update, just in case, Clonezilla is my tool of choice here.

Also, if you are not sure about an update wait a couple of days and read the announcement thread where any issues experienced will be raised and you can follow solutions and / or ways to mitigate any potential issues.

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The solution is not simple at all. I can't even get terminal to issue those commands.

Are you getting this error also?

modules.devname not found

Can you access tty2 (Ctrl + Alt + 2)?

Can you boot to a Manjaro Live environment?

No I can't boot into Live environment and i don't have that error. It seems stuck on black screen is a common problem after the update. I'm over here now:

Several users reported success logging into tty by repeatedly pressing Ctrl+Alt+F2 (or F3, F4, F5)

On some systems there was fast switching away from console and it was tricky to get into it, so some determination was needed. I suggest you read through update announcement thread for some ideas& tricks some had used to finally log into tty

yes, I've finally got in with Ctrl Alt F2 and I issued the sudo pacman -Syu command to update. Unfortantely during the download the screen became corrupted so I can't see what the progress is. I will wait to see what happens. I tried with a copy of the virtual machine and that screen became corrupted too during the update!!

Being able to log into tty is a good news. I'm not sure what you mean by corrupted screen. Anyway, you could follow these steps that many reported helped them:

1- ctrl + alt + F2 and log in.
2- sudo pacman -Syy.
2- At the end, sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyring.
3- At the end, sudo pacman-mirrors -g (Without this, the system does not find certain packages for the update).
4- At the end, sudo pacman -Syu.
5- At the end, reboot. It started perfectly.

well i followed the instruction before and after gaining access I did sudo pacman -Syu right away. Now I'm waiting on the slow servers to deliver me packages. It seems all servers and even this site is being hammered. What should I do?

Did you run

sudo pacman-mirrors -g


This will sort your Manjaro mirrors by response time, so your system uses the fastest mirrors to update from.

If you system is still downloading packages it should be okay to stop the update, but if the update itself has started you should never stop it. This will most likely leave your system in an incomplete, unstable state and possibly unbootable mess.

Probably best to let it complete, even if it takes a while, this is the safest option.

Since you are already in the middle of updating, I would just wait now. The worst is, if you forcefully terminate system update/upgrade in the middle before it is finished.

Too bad you didn't do (important!) step to read through system update announcement thread. You would see that upper steps I just posted helped many and they could help you as well. In those steps is also command that sync and refresh the servers which would help with the speed.

I hope it works for you. I'm beginner myself, not able to help much. For that reason I always first read announcement thread to see what possible problems my happen, what others are going through and what may be solutions before I decide to update my system. Then before I do, I make a backup with the clonezilla. And only then I decide to start with the system update. I have not update it myself yet. Sometimes later today...

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Thanks, I'll just wait. BTW: here is what I see:

Through some tools on the HOST I can tell that's it's downloaded 762MB and still downloading...

I'll make a habit of reading the announcement thread but my process was simply TECHNICAL SUPPORT sub forum. Given this issue it would have been better if a popup or the announcement was highlighted in MASSIVE RED LETTERS.
BTW: which annoucement thread do you mean? do you mean this one:

Which post has the instructions I need?

Ah, I see now what you meant with broken terminal. There is some graphical driver problem. Since your update is going on, yes, just wait until it finishes. Probably after it is finished, (this is my beginner guess, but this is what I would do) I would, after updating is finished, repeat upper steps, before attempting any reboot, just to be on the safe side and after all is finished only then would reboot. If someone with more knowledge than me like @sueridgepipe suggest you anything, please just follow those steps. I may be miss leading you.

When using the forum best to use the Latest button link at the top to view threads.

This will display all threads and order by most recently updated. This way you don't have to go hunting through sub-forum categories, the announcement thread will always be near the top for nearly a week after it is released.

Yes, every time I see pamac turn color to red, I come to Manjaro forum and click on latest posts (to show me latest posts) I read first post since Phil sometimes write special steps of upgrading if needed and then I wait minimum 100 posts before I decide to do my update. I know this are extra steps than were not needed when I had Linux Mint, but it is the nature of a beast (rolling & Arch based distribution). But I like Manjaro so much that I don't mind. And over time I will get better as I slowly learn from problems others experienced since I'm really cautions and slow with my updates...

When did you last update your system? That is a big download for this update.

You should be updating your Manjaro system regularly. With a rolling distro like Manjaro if you skip one update, it will simply be included with the next one. A general rule is the larger the update the more likely something will need fixing afterwards, as more is being changed in one update.

As @AlManja pointed out always backup your system before applying an update, and test that the restore process actually works. As you are using this as your work system it is even more imperitive you are diligent with your backups, as much to protect from hardware failures as update issues.

I regularly update my system. It's just that nothing appeared on the system updater until 2 days ago. Then when I applied the 2 updates, 85 more updates magically appeared. 931MB downloaded so far...

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