Stuck at "Started TLP system startup/shutdown"

Hey guys,

I've already tried to install Manjaro on my notebook in january. Had no luck though. So I installed it on my home PC to get used to it a little bit more and try to narrow down my problems by understanding what's going on. This was my first real Linux installation.

So, I had a problem with my notebook (specs) and wasn't able to install Manjaro (with any DE) at all. Every time i booted from USB stick, it was stuck at "Started TLP system startup/shutdown". A lot of people tried to help me by telling me to use different kernel parameters like

acpi_osi=! acpi_osi="Windows 2015" modprobe.blacklist=nouveau

but it still wouldn't work. I know now, that the problem is very likely to be graphics card and my integrated intel graphics (both, which can't be disabled in BIOS).

The difference is, that, back then, I wasn't able to boot at all. Not even into the terminal. But now at least, I am able to do that. Unfortunately I can't post you anything hardware related (like inxi), because as soon as I try to get the information my notebook instantly freezes when it arrives at "the "Graphics" section.

Now, I tried pretty much every link google was able to dig up to that problem, may it be in the Manjaro forums, the arch forums or on reddit. Nothing worked so far.

I used the Manjaro Architect iso and installed xfce as a DE. I didn't modify the system itself, except updating it and installing the NVIDIA hybrid bumblebee drivers in its newest version (2018.08.09) and deleted the blacklist nvidia in the mhwd-nvidia.conf.

So... does anyone have an idea how to fix this? I really ran out of ideas here. I obviously tried everything mentioned here.

Edit: I don't know if it might help... Ubuntu is installing just fine. Maybe it helps to narrow it down.

A couple of things to try.

Firstly see if this thread: How to Choose the Proper ACPI Kernel Argument might help to find the proper boot parameter for your machine.

Secondly it might be worth trying a different option for your graphics driver. The possibilities are listed here: Options for Nvidia Optimus graphics

None of the OSI strings are working. I tried 2009 - 2018. That being said, every string is causing my notebook to crash at TLP system.

Also: If I want to install other drivers I need to get rid of the others, but as soon as I uninstall any kind of graphics drivers, my notebook instantly crashes.

It seems that my notebook is crashing every time I want to get information about my GPU or try to change anything it is accessing.

@ForeGone The syntax is important when it comes to kernel arguments. First off, I would not use the acpi_osi=! argument. It tends to cause issues with wifi and touchpads. You also want to try booting without the modprobe.blacklist=nouveau argument and just use the Windows argument only.

Change the syntax above to use single quotes instead of the normal quotes. For example:

acpi_osi='Windows 2015'

Since your laptop keeps crashing after removing drivers, it may be easier to start from fresh with a re-install. DO NOT install the non-free drivers. If you install the non-free driver it will install the Bumblebee setup. This has been known to cause issues. Only install the system using the free driver. Once that is done, try and reboot the system using only the free driver. If the system will boot using the free driver, then you can go to the following thread and choose how you want your graphics cards setup.

Options for nVidia Optimus Graphics

I personally use the Optimus-Switch method and found it to be very stable.

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After two long days of trying out every combination of arguments, I think I'll give up.

I don't know... nothing seems to work. I reinstalled Manjaro several times now, with non-free and free drivers. No matter what, every time I touch my graphics card, my whole notebook seems to crash.

I really enjoy Manjaro on my desktop PC. I think this is the last time I had bought any kind of MSI notebook. Next time I make a decision about buying hardware, I'll ask around what's optimal for linux.

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