Stuck on boot after changing gfx card

20190519_205302 Excellent.. Booting from USB returns an incomprehensible error. The letters appear this way because the card is that old, but can anyone recognize what's the error here based on the layout of the text?

that looks like the "very old" gpu is no good or not seated properly. have you checked if the CPU has integrated graphics you could use instead?

if you know the model/serial # of the CPU you can look it up. if your system wasnt originally built with a dedicated GPU like nvidia or amd then it probably has an integrated gpu you could use. if does have one there's probably an option in bios to enable/disable it. just a thought.

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Your what now?

Who do you work for? Who else do you employ?

I've checked, it doesn't. I'll probably ask for another card until the other one arrives. How come the technician was able to run a windows 10 live USB and I can't use one with manjaro in it, though?

So to speak.

IDK, but that picture you posted looks like failed hardware. power everything down, disconnect power cord and try re-seating the card. also try another cable for the monitor, those go bad more often than you would expect, and usually go bad after moving/unplugging/plugging them for obvious reasons.

the reason i say this is because your first post shows a working monitor and no video corruption and now you have a fubar'd corrupted display.

you also have not provided any info as to what kind of card this is (make/model)? so try reseating the gpu or even try a different pci slot if you have more than 1 available, try different cable and make sure cables are plugged in all the way. and provide some hardware info, without that this is only a guessing game.


Hello again. I got rid of the "temporary" card and got a GTX 1660. I'm right now back to square one as it's stuck on boot as the photo shows. What should I do now that I need an Nvidia driver?

try booting the live usb with the new gpu installed and see if you get the same corrupted image, if you do then i would try resetting bios to defaults, just be sure to disable secure boot after (if this setup is UEFI).

if this makes no difference, even on a live usb then try a good HDMI wire (by good, i mean not the one your using now) and connect it to a hdmi screen (or TV even) without using adapters. if the end result is the same then you may not of even needed a new GPU and instead got a new MB. but again, try with other displays/wires/live-usb before determining that since it's a nuclear option.

I don't get the same corrupted image fortunately and I have access to TTY. Can't I just run some commands to get past the letters as the photo shows?

You're profile states you are using Kernel 4.20 is this still the case?

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then boot to TTY

mhwd -li (list installed drivers)
sudo mhwd -r pci video-linux (<---remove all video drivers like this, replace "video-linux" with the ones installed)

sudo mhwd -i pci video-nvidia

no errors? reboot

I got a handful of errors in the last command. What should I do?

Edit: my bad, internet cable was disconnected

Installed the Nvidia driver but got "more" letters which is a good sign, but I'm still stuck at "reached target: graphical interface". 20190608_211040

I think so, yes. Does it matter?

Only if booting a different Kernel makes the problem go away. You should search around and find out what EOL (end of life) means.

How can I switch kernels? The pc boots straight into the screen I'm showing in the photo, whereas when I first installed the card I had the screen where I can switch to another kernel. How can I get that screen back? Or is it possible to switch kernels from tty?

Spam hit the esc key while booting and it should let you enter grub menu.

Done. Ran version 5 and still not working......

Does this help? received_407439286513859

This is what I get after reinstalling video-nvidia.

It's funny but all it took was just
sudo pacman -Syu
And it got fixed. Thanks everyone for your tips!

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