Stuck on ‘Started TLP start/shutdown’

Hi i have been searching the form for the last 2 days trying to fix my install. i did an update

pacman -Syu and pamac upgrade -a

then was having issues with ssh so i restarted my system. on reboot my system was stuck on Stuck on ‘Started TLP start/shutdown’. there was some field flags in the boot log but they look to just be services like docker.service not starting so i don't they are the issue. I'm running this on a older dell poweredge server. there has been no hardware changes.

i have tried booting form live cd and running

manjaro-chroot -a - this dose get me into my install

i have tried to rebuild grub as well as run the update commands above again. all runs but when i tried to reboot in to the install and not the live disk i get the same error not sure where else to look at this point. last package I remember being updated was plex-media-server-for-plexpass (AUR package) only thing installed since last boot was but has been running fine for months.

please help


I got to the point that I know a driver or something is broke. I have reinstalled graphic drivers her is the mhwd output


I tried to look into what else it could be and here are the boot logs


Something looks to be killing Cron so the network won't start then it looks like thing just keep failing from there dose any one have any advice

Welcome to Manjaro.

thank you. I will try

and if i have more issues i will use the guild about good info to provide logs and better information :slightly_smiling_face:

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