Stuck on "Started TLP system startup/shutdown during installation" in GNOME Boxes VM


I heard a lot about Manjaro and wanted to give a try of the GNOME Version in a Machines VM on my Ubuntu distro.

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to finish the installation, being stuck everytime on this line: Started TLP system startup/shutdown


I found a lot of articles discussing some TLP issues, like:

But none allow me to finalize the installation...

Any idea of how I can solve this ? :pray:

With XFCE version I can see the Live OS and proceed to the installation.
The resolution is not ideal but everything seems to work fine.

Any idea why the GNOME version doesn't behave like this ?

There should be no issue in VBox install. Check again how you setup the Virtual machine, the kernel modules should load automatically. The resolution can be set automatically, it works perfectly on all installs i have.
Remove tlp package from your guest install.

I don't know if this is making a difference but I'm not using VBox but GNOME Boxes...

I managed to get a working XFCE installation (but currently headbanging with screen resolution for an external UHD monitor).

But completely stuck for the Gnome version :dizzy_face:

@bogdancovaciu, I'll give a try with VBox anyway, I'm not comfortable with GNOME Boxes and want to avoid any problem with the software itself.

I don't use Gnome Boxes. For me VBox does exactly what i want, no hiccups. :slight_smile:

And you are perfectly right !
Work like a charm on VBox !!! :star_struck:

Thank you for your help,

Cheers !

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