Suggestion: Make jack2 (not jack) the default in all ISOs

Jack2 is used because of the following reasons:

  1. It supports multi core processors. (The last single core processors were released in 2006 - 14 years ago)
  2. Interacts with PulseAudio (by default installed in Manjaro ISOs)
  3. Jack2 gets new features, jack1 only bug fixes.

For the above reasons i propose that you consider having the jack2 package installed on every ISO instead of jack.



  • A) jack2 has 2 modes - multiprocess mode (async) will introduce latency
  • B) jack2 does not support more than 1 soundcard
  • C) jack2 does not provide built-in linux midi integration
  • D) jack2 uses more RAM

(dont take this to mean I think all of those are deal-breakers or that I prefer jack1)


Thanks @cscs. I just thought it is a good idea to be discussed among the community. I recently bought a MIDI keyboard and went through the process so let's see if it helps.

Ah do you mean you have configured jack2 and are happy with the performance (including with your new midi) ?

Yes exactly! But I am just one person with only one musical instrument with midi. jack1 gave me issues with crickling sound, and my machine is Ryzen 7 2700X with 16 GB RAM. Everywere I looked they said use jack2. And it fixed it. So that's why i considered the suggestion.

For anyone interested, there is a very good video guide by a Manjaro user on YouTube, if you just want to see the process:

I agree that jack2 should be considered as default Manjaro JACK package as it may help new users
but there should be more input from the JACK users in the community before this as there are many packages for JACK i do not know about

if a user installs Cadence to work with Pulseaudio (recommended by Arch wiki - PulseAudio through JACK) Cadence will not work without jackdbus support


it is not difficult to resolve by replacing jackd with jack-dbus or jack2

...or use QjackCtl which will work with any version
but setup has to be different if D-Bus is not available

is this why JACK is considered complicated or difficult?
user has to consider which JACK package to use before they even start to use it
and decide on using Cadence or QjackCtl (or even ubuntustudio-controls :crazy_face:)

is there any package or use-case that specifically requires jackd to justify keeping it as default?
i suspect there must be something or jackd would have been deprecated
but none of the packages i use have had any problem with jack2

Support. Although I still have issues with Jack2. Perhaps because I'm using different soundcards for output and input.

This seems relevant (as hinted at in point 3.) :cowboy_hat_face:

"... As of 2018, both versions are maintained by falkTX. His current plan is to implement all Jack 1 features into Jack 2 and then slowly phase out Jack 1 into "bugfix-only" mode (see the JACK2 v1.9.12 release notes for more detailed information)."

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