Suggestions for improvements to "manjaro-zsh-config"

Hello! I am a recent user of Manjaro and I have been looking to learn more about this distro, following the discussions about the releases and helping with the tests that I can.

I am using Manjaro on my work desktop, where I basically do digital markenting / content creation work and have had a great experience so far.

In version 20, I noticed that ZSH was adopted as the default shell and yesterday I took the time to learn more about this tool.

By doing a little research on the internet and here on the forum, it was possible to see how powerful ZSH is and can deliver advanced features using plugins. However, I had the impression that for an average user to take advantage of simple features like autocomplete and colorful output in the terminal, it is necessary to follow several steps such as installing Oh-My-Zsh and some plugins.

It may be because of my lack of experience with ZSH, but I was unable to find other ways to achieve these results in ZSH without using extra resources.

I would like to suggest that you evaluate the possibility of adding color output functions and the ability to autocomplete commands in the "manjaro-zsh-config" package.

I understand that these functions would make the adoption of ZSH more user friendly by users who come from other distributions and are used to bash / fish. At the same time, it would not hinder advanced users who naturally already have their preferred settings and customize the ZSH according to their preferences.

Thank the Manjaro team for all the work.


After you installed it, did you copy /etc/skel/.zshrc to your home directory?

Otherwise, you just got a plain unconfigured zsh.

The short answer is, it already does all those things(and more), no oh-my-zsh needed.

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Yes, I copied the file as you indicated. I just did it again to make sure I hadn't done something wrong and the result was the same. :slight_smile:

When typing commands the shell shows colors, but without colored output for the command results (Ex .: ls -l) and the commands I have already typed, the option to complete (history) is displayed, but for other commands it is not.


You can add some aliases to have it colored, f.e.:

alias ls='ls --color=auto'
alias grep='grep --colour=auto'
alias egrep='egrep --colour=auto'
alias fgrep='fgrep --colour=auto'

I just installed manjaro 20 did not have to copy anything just switched from bash to zsh. Yeah there is no history coz new install but TAB for autocompletion and auto suggestion works. And history is creating while I use it.

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By default it is colored for me. Did you override the alias for ls, that is controlled by the way ls is invoked.

That isn't auto-completion you are seeing, that is an additional feature, autosuggestions, auto-completion should work as normal, by pressing tab

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I appreciate all the tips, it was this kind of adjustment that I was trying to suggest to be added to the default settings.

I probably ended up not being able to express myself in the clearest way.

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Hmm, for me not. I had to add aliases for it.
(What I did was just installing package manjaro-zsh-config and then copied .zshrc from skel to the user folder. Maybe I'm missing something else?)

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It looks like you are right, it isn't there.


I think the default inclusion of oh-my-zsh would be a terrible idea. That script is extremely bloated and 99% of users do not need 99% of what it does. Most people install it because they are too lazy to configure their .zshrc manually.

Manjaro's default .zshrc is very good. I "stole" maybe 60% of it while writing my own .zshrc.


I fully agree that adding Oh-My-ZSh is a bit much, but a simple example has already been given that would greatly improve the overall experience.

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I can think of at least 20 modifications that would, in my opinion, improve it, but that's subject to personal preferences, and I don't think everyone would approve of my modifications. For example, I dislike autocd and I would remove it.

Thankfully, one is free to edit one's own .zshrc to suit one's preferences.

But I agree, colours for ls and grep should be in the default, and I am certain that the omission of them is accidental.


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