Suggestions for manjaro repo

i hope this is the right place to post this request.

here is some fine pieces of software, which are only avaiable in the aur.


would be great if they get added to the manjaro repo.

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Why? If they are in the AUR, install & function properly, why? Major packages, yes. Octopi & Pamac are good examples. But those? Are you willing to be their maintainer? Somebody has to...:open_mouth:


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hm, you give me a like and wonder about this little request of mine? that is the spirit.. :wink:

well, you are absolutely right. the aur packages work without hassle, and it is no major packages at all. but, these tools work very fine for me (and maybe others) since a long time and they definitely would deserve being added to the repo. it is just meant to be a proposal for the potentially bored to death maintainers who are willing to take care of even more packages :wink:

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Those are in very short supply, since the Manjaro team is rather small compared to f. ex. Arch Linux.
Better chance of getting it into Arch Linux repo (which will in turn get into Manjaro repo with updated).

As cooter mentioned. Getting a package into the repo requires a maintainer for it. And usually it only gets into the repo, if one of the Manjaro editions need it for the installation media.


I 'liked' your post because it showed initiative. :smiley:


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may i take this into account? after all it will open some people's eyes for sure :laughing:

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Before add new pkgs into repo better to see if some are out of date and inform us :slight_smile: as a few days ago I noticed menulibre and updated :wink:

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Well, he specifically wanted to have a couple of AUR packages added into the repo. Not so much get old ones updated. :slight_smile:

:relaxed: I understand but my speech was to emphasize that we are a small team and we can not always follow all packages of community (imagine if we add) so feel free to tell us obsolete packages .. :slight_smile:

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ok, where to inform you in such cases? maybe one should create a thread for it?


Good idea! :slight_smile:

Yes you can create a tread and use the mention (Manjaro-Team) or use a github account if you have

ok, i created a thread under manjaro development.

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I would like to see Widelands in the repos.

Yes, it is there - but a long gone version bzr7282 and the actual build 19 RC1 has bzr 8144 (Please correct me somebody if i'm wrong).

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