Support animated wallpapers in Manjaro.

Like how Wallpaper Engine in Steam does, we need to support the animated wallpapers. The livewallpaper in repository can not generate our own animated wallpapers, the komorebi in AUR or on github is not maintained anymore, so lots of features still have not been merged.

This can be accomplished a number of ways, including software you can install from

I have toyed with the idea of including such things in 'global themes'

But I dont really see the point of adding it by default.

Further - if you think a DE (like KDE) should have the ability baked-in .. thats a discussion for KDE.
I dont see an argument for manjaro hacking up a solution to accomplish this .. do you have one ?

Instead of dynamic wallpapers, we need to be able to add some custom animated wallpapers like komorebi or Wallpaper Engine in Windows does, the livewallpaper in the repository can not generate our own custom animated wallpapers, komorebi can do it, but it has not been updated for years, many features has not been implemented or merged, maybe Manjaro can make a new one for everybody.

Also please dont double-post. Both of your threads say effectively the same thing.
(thus I have merged them)

komorebi is the best choice for now, it can work on Gnome, but somebody needs to merged those pull requests, those are very important features, the developer hasn't updated it for a long time, so maybe Manjaro could merge them and release a new version for Manjaro users?

Here is a new one:
But it lacks of features, it can't mute the sound.

Animated wallpapers is a pest.

If you mean rotating a set of wall papers - that functionality exist in different variants.

If you mean something else you should develop the solution - I think it is a niche though - not many people uses it.

From your comments it appears that something exist but is not maintained - which suggests the demand is very low.

Personally I can never imagine me using animated wallpaper - it could have some wow effect but that quickly fades - too distracting for my workflow.

On Gnome Manjaro provides a dynamic wallpaper, but that is not animation. This is an example of live/animated wallpaper

If Manjaro is supposed to offer support, then it requires to have some defaults too, their own creation. So, what would be the thematic of the wallpapers?

Here is another example for it:

I don't see the point of showing me more examples as i just did. Do you expect that Manjaro will provide animated pinup anime or manga characters ?

Nah, I just think that it is beautiful, and want to share it with you.
Your example is just too complex.

Fair enough. That is why i wanted to know what should be the thematic of the wallpaper provided by Manjaro, if is going to support (aka have in the repository) any of the tools you mentioned above. It would not be enough just to have those packages without specific examples. Also, someone would have to maintain them.
On the other hand, people just can simply install them from where are available and use whatever wallpaper theme they can find and like ... no need for Manjaro to interfere or mediate those packages.

If they support it, they can add some shimmering light in the city of night theme, and some weather for the day theme in this wallpaper.2020-03-10 15-58-46 的螢幕擷圖
By the way, it is the best Manjaro wallpaper that I have ever seen.

And they are a waste of resources constantly prone to bugs and runaway memory usage.
Even when they arent being buggy .. they still take too much overhead.
Just because you think 2gb in the background is acceptable and pretty does not mean it should be a default for everyone.

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That dynamic wallpaper consists of 3 static images that are *.jpg format and are transitioned from one to another based on a *.xml file that has defined time stamps and transition duration for 24 hours. Please let me know how you "shimmer" something on a *.jpg, then what weather are you going to show?

I mean use this wallpaper to make a short video like my example does, it takes about 300MB of storage space.

I understand, but maybe Manjaro can include this package (Komorebi) with patches into its repository?

If you mean like this one:
Just install it yourself.
I still dont see any argument for it being included either in the default manjaro install or in the repos.
This is the 'development' category. You need a reason besides 'I like it'.


I'll ask again, what weather will be shown in the video? We make one with rain, how would that be relevant for someone that happens to have a sunny day? We make one with sun and puffy clouds, how would that be relevant to someone that happens to have a stormy winter weather with heavy snow? A pre-made video can't have dynamic information injected to it. Weather is dynamic by all means.

They are separate videos, it's impossible to include all in one video.
What do you mean about the dynamic information? It's just a pre-made video that can be played in cycle.

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