Support Nyan-Big Chromebook/Build instructions needed


I would like to build Manjaro for my nyan-big chromebook (Acer Chromebook 13 CB5-311).
It uses a Nvidia Tegra K1 SoC (armv7).

Mainline Linux needs a few patches to be working on nyan-big.
A PKGBUILD for it is available here:

U-boot for nyan-big is also working with a few patches.
A PKGBUILD for that can be found here:

I would like to create a Manjaro image for it, but I'm missing the build instructions for it..
Could someone point me to those, please?


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I can try and build those packages and put them in the repo for you, but you will have to create and test the images youself. This can be done with Manjaro ARM Tools.

You can also install them from my repo.

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The problem is gonna be, that the device is not known to the manjaro arm tools, so you will have to put that into the tools yourself, and edit the profiles to include the device.

You up for all that?

That would be great :+1:

That shouldn't a problem, I think

The kernel package creates 2 kernels and a headers package. WHich of the kernels do you need for the device linux-nyan or linux-nyan-chromebook?

linux-nyan should be fine, when using u-boot.
linux-nyan-chromebook would be needed if not using u-boot..

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just uploaded it. It should be present when the mirrors sync.

Since I'm not able to get u-boot to boot up manjaro, could you also include the linux-nyan-chromebook package into the repository?
linux-nyan is still needed.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: Do I need some special rights on to fork the manjaro-arm-tools project to make a pull request?

Yes, you do. It's a "private" server, so Manjaro does not allow anyone to just create/fork projects.
@philm can grants you some rights if they are needed. :slight_smile:

Building it now. Will upload it when it's done.

So I've successfully built an image with kde and a minimal image.

my changes are available here:

maybe you could pull those so we get official images :slight_smile:

I will upload my images later so everyone interested is able to test those.

I've got some issues with the images that are built..
My KDE image is booting up, but I'm only getting a mouse cursor which I'm able to move, but nothing more..
LXQT is not building, because featherpad can't be installed..
On Mate I'm getting no output on screen..

I had the kde image already working but for some reason with another built of that image, I'm only getting to my cursor..
The same for my minimal image, with some build I'm getting to a command prompt, with other I don't..

Yeah. I only added featherpad for the aarch64 repo, because I am not really supporting armv7h any more.
But you can just go to the lxqt profile at /usr/share/manjaro-arm-tools/profiles/arm-profiles/editions/ and comment out featherpad.

The rest I don't know. KDE is a pretty heavy desktop and it's SDDM theme does take ages to load. Maybe it times out?

When you don't get to the login prompt, what's the last things on the screen here?

Added the code into the tools "manually" now. Thanks.

For the arm-profiles one you can simply do a merge request. :slight_smile:

I'm unable to create a merge request to your repo..
Gitlab is only showing me the other forks of your repo when I try to create a merge request..

I'll do some further testing later on to the what is causing this issues with the desktop environment..
Maybe it is an issue with mesa or something like that..
I had some weird loglines in dmesg from nouveau which I never saw on other distros with the same kernel..
The minimal image was working fine yesterday evening..

That's odd, since you forked it directly from mine.
Go into Merge Request and press the New Merge Request button, it should present a screen, where you can choose your repo as source and my repo as target.
Others have done it, so it is possible. :slight_smile:

I don't know, what I'm doing wrong.. :smiley:

Think I spotted the problem. try again? :slight_smile:

So the last thing I'm seeing at bootup is "[OK] TPL system startup/shutdown"
Then I'm seeing my cursor with the startup loglines still shown..

Maybe GPU drivers?
What command did you run to build the image?

So on the lxqt image I'm landing at a blank screen, where I'm able to blindly enter the password and I'm getting to a desktop..

dmesg shows the following lines:
25.765675] nouveau 57000000.gpu: gr: DATA_ERROR 00000003 [INVALID_OPERATION] ch 4 [04001eb000 sddm-greeter[591]] subc 0 class a297 mthd 19d0 data 0000003f
[ 25.765711] nouveau 57000000.gpu: gr: DATA_ERROR 0000009c [] ch 4 [04001eb000 sddm-greeter[591]] subc 0 class a297 mthd 17e0 data 00000010

not sure if this is related to nouveau or sddm-greeter..

I'm building the image with buildarmimage -d nyan-big -e lxqt

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